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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
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Dr Wily - Profile
Dr. Albert W. Wily
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  • White lab coat
  • White dress-shirt
  • Red tie
  • Blue pants
  • Brown clogs
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Dr. Albert W. Wily is a robotics engineer from the planet Earth in the year 20XX in an alternate reality. A villainous scientist, he continuously finds himself going up against Dr. Light's helper turned fighter bot, Mega Man.


Descent Into Evil[]

Formerly a partner to Dr. Light, Wily gradually grew jealous of his colleague who surpassed him in both skills and know-how to overall recognition. After losing his credentials for unethical robot experimentation, he went to seek revenge against his former partner, reprogramming the Robot Masters they'd previously created together into weapons. However, Albert's aspirations were thwarted after Rock, Dr. Light's robotic assistant and "son," volunteered to be modified into a fighting robot named Mega Man. Mega Man succeeded in thwarting several of Wily's schemes, which only made Albert the more determined to triumph over his foes. (AMM)

A Kindred Spirit[]

Eggman and Wily meet

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman meet in person for the first time.

Dr. Wily had established himself in the Lanfront Ruins with several Robot Masters and the alien supercomputer Ra Moon when Flash Man approached him with a strange gemstone. Plugging it into his computer for analysis, Wily inadvertently opened a communications link to a mysterious white void where Dr. Eggman had been trapped after his plan involving the Time Eater had failed. Wily began to build a rapport with Eggman as the two realized how much they had in common. Deciding that it was essential that they meet, the pair combined Eggman's knowledge with Wily's resources to create the Skull Egg Zone, a dimension that linked their two universes. Meeting each other there-and briefly debating what to name their new world-the pair set about their joint plan to take over their worlds. With Wily's Robot Masters and Ra Moon working in tandem with the forces of the Eggman Empire-and taking advantage of the altered laws of time in the zone-the two had soon completed a battle station, which after some argument they dubbed the Wily Egg. (VG: SG, SB: #8, MM: #24)

Dr. Wily had established himself in the Lanfront Ruins with several Robot Masters and the alien supercomputer Ra Moon when Flash Man approached him with a strange gemstone. Plugging it into his computer for analysis, Wily inadvertently opened a communications link to the planet Mobius, specifically the Death Egg Mark 2. His transmission enraged Dr. Eggman, who accosted Wily for pirating his signal, which prompted Wily to retort and extol himself as the greatest robotics genius on Earth. Analyzing what Wily had told him, Eggman apologized, and proceeded to educate Wily on the concept of alternate universes. Fascinated, Wily began to build a rapport with Eggman as the two realized how much they had in common. Deciding that it was essential that they meet, the pair combined Eggman's knowledge with Wily's resources to create the Skull Egg Zone, a dimension that linked their two universes. Meeting each other there-and briefly debating what to name their new world-the pair set about their joint plan to take over their worlds. With Wily's Robot Masters and Ra Moon working in tandem with the forces of the Eggman Empire-and taking advantage of the altered laws of time in the zone-the two had soon completed a battle station, which after some argument they dubbed the Wily Egg. (MM: #24)

While Proto Man, who at that point went by the name Break Man, was attacking Mega Man, Wily left to join Eggman aboard the Wily Egg. With the Chaos Emerald providing power to their Cosmic Reset Button, the pair launched the second Genesis Wave across both their realities. Due to their presence in the Skull Egg Zone, Wily and Eggman remembered the timelines before and after their alteration, giving them a distinct advantage in their designs against both Mega Man and Eggman's nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog. The second stage of their plan involved creating minions who could pass freely between their worlds, which prompted the pair to dispatch Bass and Metal Sonic to capture Sonic's friend Tails. By combining Robot Master technology with Eggman's Roboticizer, the pair transformed Tails into the first of their Roboticized Masters, Tails Man. Pleased with their success, they quickly stumbled onto the idea of creating even more, and dispatched Bass and Metal Sonic to capture more of Sonic's friends. (MM: #24, FCBD: S/MM 2013)

Exploiting the Altered Worlds[]

With a team of Roboticized Masters at their disposal, the doctors entered the next stage of their gambit. They dispatched Wily's recreated Copybot to Mobius, where he captured four more of Sonic's friends for the Roboticized Master program. Their current Masters-Tails Man, Shadow Man, Knuckles Man, and Rose Woman-were dispatched to Mega City on Wily's Earth to collect the gray Chaos Emerald, which was one of only two that the doctors had not yet acquired. Sonic and Mega Man quickly became involved, just as the doctors had hoped; luring Mega Man through a Warp Ring to Mobius by having Metal Sonic attack him, they had the Metal Series robot and Copybot lead the heroes to each other. Each mistaking the other for their attacker, the blue heroes began battling, much to the delight of the depraved scientists, who observed the battle thanks to footage transmitted by Tails Man. The other Roboticized Masters returned with the Chaos Emerald, which Eggman offered to let Wily place; Wily agreed, but suggested that they wait until the battle was settled. Much to their surprise, another Warp Ring opened, which Mega Man used to take the fight back to Earth. Wily quickly identified his old rival, Dr. Light, as the culprit, and while assuring Eggman that he wasn't on their level, he did acknowledge that he was a threat. He determined that Light should be dealt with, and Metal Sonic and Bass volunteered to take the assignment. (MM: #24, SU: #51, StH: #248)

Unfortunately for the doctors, Sonic and Mega Man eventually started talking, and the two realized that the discussion might lead to an alliance between their foes. Eggman ordered Tails Man to attack, and after hearing his reasoning on the matter, Wily wholeheartedly agreed. The plan failed, and Tails was unexpectedly restored to his normal form; however, Metal Sonic and Bass accomplished their mission and brought Dr. Light back to the Wily Egg. As the heroes-joined by Proto Man and Mega Man's dog Rush-entered the Skull Egg Zone-Wily dispatched the Copybot and the Genesis Unit to deal with the invaders. Wily and Eggman observed the battle, but Eggman didn't share Wily's hopes for the Genesis Unit, and dismissed them as an inferior power when Silver Man and Blaze Woman-two more Roboticized Masters-arrived with the last Chaos Emeralds. The two evil scientists briefly argued over which of them had contributed more, but eventually agreed that whichever of their nemeses managed to survive longest would prove his world's superiority. With the Genesis Unit defeated and the Chaos Emeralds gathered, the pair decided upon a new use for their Roboticized Masters: to have them attack Sonic and Mega Man's party. (MM: #25, SU: #52)

Observing the battle between their enslaved creations and the heroes, the two doctors celebrated their mutual genius. However, Proto Man refused to participate in their proposed "tournament", and took off to find Dr. Light and catch up with the Wily Egg. To Wily's surprise, Eggman ordered most of the Roboticized Masters to pursue him, leaving only Vector Man, Espio Man, and Charmy Man to face Sonic, Mega Man, Tails, and Rush. At Wily's urging, the pair then returned to the Wily Egg in order to better coordinate their defense. Shortly thereafter, the trio were restored to normal, much to Eggman's dismay, though Wily remained confident due to their ability to time-clone the various Robot Masters he had previously created. Eggman then suggested deploying Shadow Man against them, temporarily confusing Wily as to whether he meant their Roboticized Master or Wily's Robot Master of the same name; inspired, the pair decided to send both. Recalling Silver Man and Blaze Woman, the pair then set off to build a new attack vehicle, and Wily expressed his confidence in their ability to defeat Mega Man given Dr. Light's status as their prisoner. The pair subsequently visited their prisoner to gloat, only for Orbot to arrive and inform them of the defeat of the Shadow Men. (StH: #249, MM: #26)

With the subsequent restoration of Silver Man and Blaze Woman, Wily quickly came to the conclusion that his scheme with Eggman was in danger of failing. Contemplating the matter, he determined that if they were thwarted, he would escape back to Earth with the Wily Egg and leave Eggman to the heroes. The pair continued work on their Egg-Wily Machine X, while also preparing their Robot Master army and the Genesis Reactor. During an argument over the configuration of their joint battle robot, the two were informed of the restoration of Knuckles Man and Rose Woman, as well as the presence of Rouge the Bat aboard the Wily Egg. Closing in on her position, they found her and Metal Sonic in the grip of their Chaos Devil, whom they had created by fusing a Devil Core with Chaos. Encouraged by the success of their creation, the doctors had Metal Sonic and Bass take Rouge away for Roboticization so that she could serve as part of their Robot Master army. As the army engaged the heroes-including all the restored Roboticized Masters-Wily and Eggman confronted Dr. Light once again, only to be presented with an impassioned plea to stop. Wily refused, claiming that Light had always been jealous of him and that he and Eggman were in complete control, only for Light to remind him of his failure to control Ra Moon and various other menaces from their altered reality. Wily and Eggman left to observe the battle, but Eggman left Wily's presence with a sinister purpose: to throw Light from the Wily Egg and eliminate him as a threat once and for all. (SU: #53, StH: #250, #251)

Eggman's actions did not go unnoticed, and Wily was furious with him for attempting to murder Dr. Light. Their friendship dissolving, the pair of doctors quickly resolved to eliminate each other at the first opportunity. Despite this, they remained determined to slow down the heroes long enough to accomplish their plan, and dispatched the Mega Man Killers, the Chaos Devil, and the team of Bass, Metal Sonic, and Treble to accomplish the task. The arrival of Duo put a hitch in their plans, as his battle with the Chaos Devil threatened to tear the Wily Egg apart and disrupt the Genesis Wave. However, the fight also kept him too occupied to face the doctors directly, which they took advantage of by completing the Egg-Wily Machine X. Using the machine, they captured the weakened Sonic and Mega Man and imprisoned them in the Genesis Reactor chamber, where their mutual respect for each other was briefly rekindled as they explained their plan: to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to fire a Super Genesis Wave that would allow them to rewrite reality according to their every desire, whereas the first wave had been limited. (MM: #27, SU: #53)

Eggman and Wily Defeated

The Egg-Wily Machine X destroyed.

Exulting in what they believed to be imminent godhood, the pair remained hostile to each other, particularly when Eggman revealed something to Sonic that he hadn't mentioned to Wily: that their tampering with the laws of reality had damaged their home universes to the point of near collapse. He quickly calmed Wily by explaining that all the damage would be undone by the Super Genesis Wave, but the pair were then faced by another problem: the sudden intrusion of Proto Man, Dr. Light, and Sonic's friend Knuckles the Echidna. While Light freed Sonic and Mega Man, the red heroes attacked the doctors, forcing them to make a desperate run for the Egg-Wily Machine X. As Wily powered the vehicle up, he was warned not to draw too much power from the reactor, prompting him to point out that Eggman had ascribed limitless power to the Chaos Emeralds. As the assault continued, each doctor discovered that the other had sabotaged his personal defense systems, forcing them to work together to undo the damage. The two agreed to a temporary truce, though each was still planning to eliminate the other, just as the Super Genesis Wave activated. However, the pair were then forced to contend with Super Sonic and Super Mega Man, which prompted them to unleash all their firepower. After an intense-and insult riddled-battle, the doctors were defeated, and the heroes prepared to restore their worlds. Wily, feeling utterly bested, decided that it was best just to give up, and wondered if he would even remember the events of his alliance with Eggman. His partner, nowhere near so calm in the face of defeat, managed to get a piece of their vehicle working and attacked Super Sonic. Unable to interfere, he could only watch as Eggman took off to attack Sonic, and was caught up in Super Mega Man's efforts to restore their world to its previous state. (StH: #251)

Aftermath of Worlds Collide[]

Afterward, Wily forgot about finding the Chaos Emerald and all succeeding events, and was left only with a violent urge to "Stomp on a carton of eggs" which unbeknownst to him was a remnant of his hatred of his former best friend and partner, Dr. Eggman. Wily would go on to be betrayed by Ra Moon, and then set out on further attempts to defeat Mega Man once and for all. (AMM)

Worlds Unite[]

Villains Team Up Again

Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman team up once again.

Wily was later abducted from his world through a Genesis Portal by Sigma-1, who "recruited" him to assist Dr. Eggman in building up Sigma's new empire. To Wily's surprise, Eggman seemed to have knowledge of-and contempt towards-him, but also possessed his dislike of Mega Man. After they created armor for the Deadly Six and converted Eggman's Badnik factory into a Mechaniloid assembly line, the pair hit upon a scheme to overthrow Sigma by enslaving their respective nemeses and getting them to blame Sigma for the affront. As they prepared to transform the heroes into new Roboticized Masters, Eggman's dislike of Wily got on his nerves to the point that he confronted Eggman about it. As a result, Eggman learned that Wily had no memory of their previous alliance, and took advantage of the situation to restore their previous rapport. He explained how they had joined forces in the reality altered by the Super Genesis Wave, and then claimed that Dr. Light had ruined their alliance by spreading a lie that Eggman had tried to kill him. Wily was somewhat astonished that Light would have pulled such a trick, but was quickly convinced that he had done so out of jealousy. The pair then transformed the heroes into M'egga Man and Sonic Man using Sigma's advanced technology while the Maverick leader watched. (SU: #76; SB: #8)

The two doctors later watched gleefully as their brainwashed foes attacked each others' worlds, falling into their old routine of complimenting each others' genius. In response to Eggman's praise regarding his work on Sonic Man, Wily noted that he had copied technology previously used in Quick Man. After complimenting Eggman's work in modifying Mega Man with his own robotic schematics, the pair briefly lamented that their impressive creations would only last for a short time. They were quickly appeased by the knowledge that the two heroes would be pitted against each other and then Sigma, and Wily then invited Eggman to take a seat as the Light Robot Masters took on Sonic Man. The pair later joined Sigma in watching the continued action, and Wily became worried as the new Roboticized Masters succeeded in planting a pair of Unity Engines that began fusing their worlds together and granting Sigma greater power. Eggman encouraged him not to worry, as their contingency plan would soon come into play. However, shortly before Sigma realized that they had deceived him, Eggman and Wily departed, and several of the Deadly Six were sent in pursuit. (WUB: MM; StH: #274; MM: #50)

Cursing the fortune that had resulted in their foes being cured on the Unified World's surface rather than on the Lost Hex, Wily and Eggman were unexpectedly met by Xander Payne from Wily's world. The anti-robotics terrorist offered to help them escape, an offer that Wily was reluctant to accept as he was convinced Xander wanted to kill him. However, given Xander's cryptic remarks about destiny and the imminent arrival of Zeena, Master Zik, and Zazz, the two decided to accompany him. Traveling through a Genesis Portal generated by the criminal, the doctors found themselves on the bridge of the Sky Patrol, the mobile base of the heroes. This came as quite a shock to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, and Team Sticks, particularly as Wily was presumed to be dead. The trio of uninvited guests were escorted to the brig, where Wily and Eggman admitted their involvement in transforming Sonic and Mega Man but claimed that it had been Sigma's idea. They then offered to help bring him down in exchange for being released, and despite Mega Man's objections the heroes agreed. The pair began work on a new weapon after being shown the engines by Rotor, and Wily noted that Maverick Hunter Zero looked like something he would have built. To their annoyance, Eggman and Wily continued their work under Nicole's watchful eye while the heroes engaged the Deadly Six and Sigma's Mechaniloid army. (SU: #77; SB: #9)

They were urged to hurry after the Zeti took control of the robotic heroes, and soon unveiled their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon. Using it destroyed the Sigma Armor that controlled the Zeti and freed the robots from their control, but the weapon also overheated, soemthing that the pair blamed on being rushed. Unfortunately, the Sky Patrol was then attacked by an army of Time-Cloned Mavericks unleashed by a gigantic Sigma. Tornado Tonion destroyed the Scrambler Cannon before Eggman and Wily could repair it and use it again. Briefly stunned, Wily awoke to find himself being carried to safety by none other than Mega Man. The robot's selfless action bewildered him, as he was sure Mega Man hated him as much as he hated Mega Man. Mega Man responded that he was making up for failing to save Wily from his previous apparent demise, and added that he wanted to save Wily when Wily claimed he was just following the First Law of Robotics. After getting Wily to cover, Mega Man joined the battle, but the weary heroes were soon overcome until heroes from the Street Fighter Zone arrived to aid them. Once they had defeated a handful of Mavericks, the heroes prepared to split up in pursuit of the Mavericks who had scattered to various worlds. Eggman and Wily then traveled to the Lost Hex's surface with Xander's aid, intent on securing Sigma's Master Engine and the power he had stolen from the various worlds for themselves. (StH: #274; MM: #51)


Dr. Wily is arrogant, self-obsessed, treacherous, and immensely proud of his own genius, not to mention his mustache. Despite numerous experiences with attempting to control powerful forces only for them to threaten him as well as his enemies, he is constantly attempting to bend such forces to his will. These qualities, which Dr. Eggman shared, formed the basis of their friendship, but also led to conflict between the two. Furthermore, there existed a number of differences between the pair that proved to be the breaking point between them. Most of all, Albert in time came to realize that Eggman's rather extreme methods were not in harmony with his own somewhat dubious code of conduct.

While he enjoys watching his creations bring about destruction and mayhem in his name, Wily prefers to humiliate his enemies-at least in the case of Dr. Light-rather than cause them any physical harm, whereas Eggman is all too willing to take lives. Wily also enjoys having minions with personality and free will, and didn't care much for the mindless obedience of the Roboticized Masters. Despite having numerous minions to perform tasks for him, Wily prefers to work on his most cherished projects personally, disdaining the idea of letting a machine do the work for him. Perhaps the greatest separation between the two villains was that Albert is willing to accept defeat, finding no shame in having been bested by a superior force, while Eggman was determined to do what damage he could even with his plans thwarted.

Wily's jealousy of Dr. Light is one of his greatest weaknesses, such that he's willing to believe just about anything negative about his old rival. He also shares the opinion with Eggman that building devices of conquest for someone else takes the fun out of it and makes the task grueling and tiresome.


Like Eggman, Wily possesses little in terms of physical ability, instead relying on his mechanical genius. A skilled inventor, designer, and technician, he rivals Eggman in terms of his proficiency with robots and weapons design. He is also a pilot of some skill, operating both his personal saucer transport and the Egg-Wily Machine X with great proficiency.


Dr. Wily is an elderly human male, balding and gray-haired with a hairstyle that almost resembles wings sprouting from the side of his head. He also favors a mustache that is similar in arrangement to his hair, though its not quite as long or spread out as Dr. Eggman's. Wily wears fairly ordinary Earth attire: a white shirt with a tie, brown shoes and belt, and blue jeans, the only unconventional part of the outfit being his lab coat. During his time at the Lanfront Ruins, he wore stereotypical khaki shorts with a matching shirt and boots.

Background Information[]

  • Dr. Wily's first name is likely a reference to famous German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. His last name is based on the word "wily" which means crafty or cunning. What his middle initial stands for is unknown.
  • Dr. Wily was first alluded to in Sonic the Hedgehog #247 by Doctor Eggman, where he remarks how he hopes Albert is ready, before heading off to initiate the Genesis Wave. Similarly, Wily also alludes to Eggman in Mega Man #23, referring to the latter as Ivo.
  • Wily has the tendency to make references to well known inventors such as Henry Ford.