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Downtown Ebony Hare.

Ebony Hare, also known as "Downtown" Ebony Hare, was a Mobian rabbit and former ally of Renfield T. Rodent.


Working With Renfield

Ebony first appeared after longtime Chaotix foe, Renfield the Rodent reopened an amusement park previously shutdown by Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and the Chaotix. Renfield was selling a highly addictive (and poisoned) sauce on his amusement park's food supply, and Ebony Hare was concerned he was "killing the market". After "convincing" Renfield to make a deal with him, the Chaotix arrived at the amusement park investigating Charmy Bee's friend Mello's death due to the sauce. All of the Chaotix were later hospitalized after tasting sauce except for Julie-Su. She later tried to enter Ebony Hare's gang but failed and was almost killed by being thrown off a building by Blackjack. (KtE: #13, #14)


Ebony Hare was about to close up shop for fear of the Chaotix's visit bringing the police. However the Chaotix had tracked him down anyway along with the assistance of Remington and dingo cab driver, Harry. The Chaotix and Remington arrested Blackjack and Foxy while Ebony Hare was detained by Espio the Chameleon when he tried to kill Julie-Su with a revolver. Downtown Ebony Hare was afterwards seen being hauled away by Constable Remington's security forces in a wagon. (KtE: #15)


A hardcore, ruthless mobster and criminal mastermind-at least to himself-Ebony Hare rarely fights his enemies and almost always operated through his henchmen. Ebony Hare is followed by a muscle bound, slick dressed bulldog named Blackjack, and has an attractive female fox named Foxy always at his side. He is cold-blooded and cruel, easily willing to order the lives of others taken if they get in his way.

Background Information

  • Ebony's character is based off gangster stereotypes, including having a large muscleman and a girlfriend who accompanies him wherever he goes.
  • Ebony Hare was featured in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia alongside other criminal figures, including Blackjack, Foxy, Renfield, and Nic the Weasel. Ian Flynn also stated in an Ask Ian podcast [1] that he would like to revive the character rather than consider him deceased, but had not yet figured out a way to do so. Since the reboot however, reviving the character is no longer an option.