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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Doom Laser

The Doom Laser.

The Doom Laser was an incredibly powerful laser built by Dr. Eggman. The Doom Laser was originally a large telescope in an observatory left in the ruins of New Megaopolis, but it was converted into a laser capable of destroying the Knothole Freedom Fighters's force field, the camp inside it, and half of the Eggdome by Eggman. Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat were assigned by Chief Commander Abraham Tower to disable the laser. In order to do so, they aquired the assistance of Sonic the Hedgehog who was sleeping outside the Eggdome with the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix for their final battle with Eggman. The trio crashed into the observatory and Sonic and Shadow distracted the laser security system while Rouge tried to hack into the laser just as it was moving into position, but she accidentally activated a self-destruct on the control console, forcing them to destroy the laser manually. Shadow used his Chaos Spear attack, but it proved inaffective and the same went for Sonic's spin dash. Rouge then suggested breaking the coupling locks to throw the laser off target. Rouge flew them up to the locks and Sonic and Shadow dislodged them, but put it right at the angle of fire. Shadow then took off his Inhibitor Rings in the hopes that it would give him enough power to divert the laser using his Chaos Control powers. It worked, but Shadow fell off the laser and was caught by Sonic. With the laser beyond repair from all the damage, Shadow and Rouge left Sonic to his final battle with Eggman and wished him good luck. (StH: #198, SU: #2)