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Dolphins are a species of Mobian-in the Prime Zone-and Mobini-in the Sol Zone-that inhabit the oceans.


Prime Zone

A number of Dolphins inhabit the undersea city of Meropis in the Great Blue Realm, where some-including Echo-are members of the Meropis City Guard. As such, they confronted the "intruding" Knothole Freedom Fighters, and became involved in a battle with Dark Gaia's Minions when they invaded the city. (StH: #260, #261, #262, #263)

Sol Zone

The Mobini Dolphins of the Sol Zone are extremely helpful to travelers, helping individuals who have been stranded at sea. A group of them came to the aid of Team Rose-minus Blaze the Cat but with the addition of Marine the Raccoon-after the Ocean Tornado was destroyed by the Metal Marauder, and helped them travel to Pirate Island. (SU: #56)

The only Dolphin known to members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters was Bottlenose Dolphin of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. (CSE)

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