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You may be looking for Dimitri the Echidna from the Mobius Prime universe.

Dimitri of the House of Jordann
Biographical information

409 (Born on day 271, 2858)

  • Lien-Da (great-great-granddaughter)
  • Julie-Su (great-great-granddaughter)
  • Rutan (great-great-great-grandson)


Physical description


  • Fur: Red (formerly)
  • Eyes: Red
  • Cybernetics cover him entirely
  • Glass ball
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super intelligence
  • Flying/hovering

Dimitri the Echidna (Light Mobius) is the Light Mobius counterpart of Dimitri the Echidna. Both before and after the timeline was altered by King Sonic, Dimitri was a guest living in the house of Lien-Da. He often provided her with advice, and stood up for his descendant Rutan when Lien-Da would yell at him. After the timeline change, Dimitri was disgusted at Lien-Da for siding with King Shadow and after he was defeated by Lara-Su, Lien-Da was forced to go on the run and Dimitri looked after her son Rutan for the next five years.


Near Death Experience

As Dr. Eggman's empire began to crumble around him, he sought out the help of Dimitri, who was attached to a life support machine. By this point in time, Dimitri had changed his ideologies and had become more of a peaceful figure, and refused to aid Dr. Eggman. The enraged despot ripped Dimitri from the life support system, resulting in the ancient echidna needing his head to be preserved in a glass ball in order to survive. (StH: #135)

25 Years Later (Unaltered)

By 2361, Dimitri was living in Lien-Da's house and often provided her with advice. When Lien-Da pointed out her and Julie-Su weren't exactly on the best terms, he said "Now would be as good a time as any to mend some fences!". Dimitri later came to the aid of his great-great-great grandson Rutan, who was being scolded by his mother for being out past curfew with Salma. Dimitri explained young boys acted differently than young girls. An argument ensued in which Dimitri explained what had happened during his final encounter with Eggman, and that Lien-Da had acted in her own self-interests after he turned over control of the Dark Legion to her. (StH: #131, #135)

25 Years Later (Altered)

In the altered timeline during King Shadow's reign, Dimitri was still living with Lien-Da. When she explained how delighted she was to be Shadow's chief-enforcer and for imprisoning those who might overthrow him, Dimitri conveyed his anger at her actions, explaining he had not been ashamed of his bloodline since he had worked with Doctor Finitevus. Regardless, Lien-Da ignored her ancestor's opinion. (StH: #167)


Dimitri tries to talk to Rutan.

Five Years Later

When Lara-Su arrived at his and Rutan's new house, demanding Rutan tell her where Lien-Da was hiding, Dimitri got between them to prevent a larger fight from ensuing. He suggested Rutan contact Salma, who had been trying to contact him, though Rutan told him to butt out. Dimitri worried that the cycle of his descendants' bloodfeud would continue with Rutan as a result. (SU: #6)

Background information

The cause for Dimitri's loss of body in the Light Mobius universe differs from that of Mobius Prime. In the latter, Dimitri lost his body because Doctor Finitevus took him apart in order to preserve his life span. This may have also been the cause for Dimitri's loss of body after King Sonic went back in time to make alterations.

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