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The Digitizer in action.

The Digitizer is a machine that allows its users to transport their minds into the Digital World, possibly developed by Dr. Ellidy.


After detecting an issue with one of his Badnik helpers, in which its camera feed went dark but it continued to register as active, Ellidy used the Digitizer to enter the Digital World and investigate the issue. Unfortunately, he came under attack by a group of Digital Monsters after a firewall appeared to block his return to his body. This forced him to send out a distress call, which was fortunately answered by Nicole, who helped him get past the firewall and return to the real world. Later, when the monsters' master Phage attempted to seize control of Ellidy's systems and all that he had acquired, Sally Acorn would use the Digitizer to enter the Digital World to aid Nicole in battling the evil computer virus. (SU: #71, #72)


The Digitizer allows living individuals to manifest themselves in the Digital World and interact with it. However, the Digitizer works by creating a reality that its user can understand-thus, the extent of their abilities in the Digital World is limited by what they can believe themselves to be capable of.

Background Information

  • The Post-Super Genesis Wave version of the machine only digitizes a person's mind, as opposed to their entire being.