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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Digital World

Nicole in the Digital World.

The Digital World is a virtual landscape that can be accessed by various computers across Sonic's World. However, it is not known to be contained by any computer system, and is thought by some to exist independently of computers. It is apparently possible for organic beings to visit the Digital World using the correct technology, while digital beings like NICOLE and Phage are perfectly at home in it.


During the Shattered World Crisis, Dr. Ellidy entered the realm to fix a glitch he detected in the system. But while investigating, he literally became trapped behind a firewall and was attacked by a group of unknown digital enemies. In desperation, he summoned Nicole to come and help him. Upon saving him, Nicole disabled the firewall and freed the doctor; however, as she feared, their travel to his home on Isolated Island was observed by Phage. Nicole would later reenter the Digital World-specifically the region within Ellidy's computer systems-in search of his assailant. This led to a confrontation between her and Phage, which later included Sally Acorn as well. She and Nicole joined forces to lure Phage into another sector of the Digital World, and managed to seal her out of Ellidy's systems when Nicole became Overclocked Nicole through the power of the Red Star Rings. (SU: #71, #72, #73, #74)



  • The Digital World shares many similarities with various cyberspace levels from the games, such as Digital Circuit and Mad Matrix from Shadow the Hedgehog, Techno Base from Sonic Advance 2, and Cyber Track from Sonic Advance 3. And like these levels, characters can enter them by accessing a computer.
  • The Digital World shares its name and apparently some of its nature with the reality from Digimon, though it does not appear to be as densely inhabited.
  • When organic beings are digitized and appear in the Digital World, a green, diamond-shaped cursor appears above their heads, similar to the characters in "The Sims" video game series.