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Deo Volente
First Appearance

Knuckles the Echidna #6

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #181

Biographical information



Mobian/Fire Ant

Physical description


  • Eyes: Blue
  • Green Beret
  • Green Boots
  • Green & White Striped Vest
  • Gold-Topped Walking Stick
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Intelligence
  • Longevity
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation

Deo Volente is a Fire Ant and member of the Fire Ant Council attached to the Brotherhood of Guardians, dedicated to aid them in their mission to protect Angel Island. Deo is the father of Semper Fidelis and grandfather of Archimedes, with each serving as a mentor to the current Guardian going all the way back to the time of their ancestor Christopheles. Deo served as mentor to the Guardian Hawking, becoming close friends with him until his death, and served with his family and Echidna comrades many times to fight enemies. Deo is currently one of the few remaining sentient inhabitants of the Island following the departure of the Echidna population through the actions of Enerjak and a devastating invasion by the Eggman Empire.


Time as Mentor

Deo Volente served as mentor to Guardians Hawking and Tobor, taking over the latter's training when Hawking returned to Angel Island in order to start cleaning up the nuclear fallout caused by a Dingo attack on Echidnaopolis that Hawking thwarted. His tenure as Tobor's teacher was short, as Tobor was quickly replaced with the impostor Moritori Rex following a horrible battle. His Guardian pupils also included Mathias, Spectre, and Sojourner. Pragmatic and spiritual, Deo aimed at helping the Brotherhood learn to stand on its own while his line decreased in importance. (KtE: #6, #17, CSE)

Advisor to the Brotherhood

When the barriers between Mobius Prime and the various pocket zones Hawking had created began to break down, Deo transported himself to Hawking's location. Hawking explained to his old mentor that the Dingoes were not responsible for the barriers between zones breaking down, and that Haven likely had the answers. Deo and Hawking then listened to Locke's explanation that it was the Ultimate Annihilator being fired that caused the zones to break down. As the pocket zones began to merge with Mobius Prime, Deo informed Archimedes of Hawking's wish for everyone to get to the underground bunkers for safety. After the pocket zones merged with Mobius Prime, Deo spoke to his grandson Archimedes, explaining Hawkings fate was out of his hands, but that Hawking had left a gift for Knuckles - the hat he used during his tenure as Guardian. (KtE: #6)

Following the return of the Dark Legion days later, Deo Volente summoned Archimedes to Haven in order to pass word to Knuckles of an imminent threat. Before they could accomplish anything, however, Enerjak returned from his exile in space courtesy of Mammoth Mogul. Volente and his grandson found themselves captured by the super-powered Echidna, a precaution against their interference in his plans. Trapped in a special electromagnetic prison that disrupted their teleportation abilities, they were handed over to the Dark Legion, and Volente found himself despairing over any hopes of escape. But with Archimedes' encouragement, he rallied, and the two even found their positions reversed as Archimedes felt himself losing hope. Fortunately, help arrived in the form of Knuckles, who had been saved from destruction at Enerjak's hands by the Ancient Walkers. Rescued, Deo and his grandson soon found themselves facing a new problem in the form of Mogul, who drained Enerjak's powers to increase his own. (KtE: #7, #8, #9)

While Locke tended to Hawking in Haven's med lab, he informed Deo that Hawking would not be able to pull through on his own and required life support. When Locke pointed out the irony of Hawking relying on technology to live whereas the echidnas had gone to war over technology's use, Deo angrily pointed out that their society only went to war because a few had misused it like the Dark Legion. (KtE: #12)

Deo and his son and grandson later joined-by teleconference-a council of the Brotherhood in Haven, in which the Guardians discussed the problems confronting Mobius immediately after the death of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The Fire Ants were quick to propose that the Brotherhood should choose between protecting only the echidnas, or take a lead in bringing the planet into a new golden age, with the Echidnas and the other races going together. (KtE: #16)

Deo later precided over the Brotherhood's meeting with Knuckles, and following that was present during the Brotherhood's meeting with Sally Acorn. (KtE: #21, #29)

When the Brotherhood rallied in Haven upon the arrival of Mathias, Deo Volente was present along with his son and grandson. However, they did not join with the Brotherhood in their assault on the Grand Conservatory. (SSS: #14)

Resistance Fighter


Deo Volente (far left) working with Helmut Von Stryker's resistence

Deo Volente was among the few members of the Fire Ant Council to escape incarceration in the Egg Grape Chamber during Dr. Eggman's occupation of Angel Island. Together with his son Semper and his grandson Archimedes, he supported the scattered resistance that remained to oppose Eggman, including the deposed leader of the Dingoes, General Von Stryker. (StH: #141, #181)


Deo Volente has shown himself to have a short temper and be particularly blunt, particularly towards Locke. When Locke pointed out the irony of Hawking relying on technology to survive, Deo angrily explained the Brotherhood used technology for good while the Dark Legion used it for evil. Later when Locke stated Archimedes was sticking his nose in Knuckles' business with regards to the latter's romantic life, Deo bluntly stated his grandson probably "Got the idea that if he didn't play matchmaker, Knuckles would end up a swinging single like you!" (KtE: #12, #27)

Background Information

  • Deo Volente's name is Latin for "God willing."
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