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Mobians enjoying a good time at Deer John's

Deer John's was a local club and juice bar under the ownership of John and Jane Doe. The business was opened in Mobotropolis in 3236 following the death of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and the Mobians having successfully retaken the city. The club had a dance floor and mainly served refreshments that were "all natural" as explained by Antoine. Deer John's served many different drink including Jungle Joose (StH: #69)

When Sonic returned from defeating Ixis Naugus in the Southern Tundra, the other Knothole Freedom Fighters showed him and Tails around the city and stopped in at the club to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The happy mood was broken though, when they noticed Nate Morgan being subjected to some long-held Overlander prejudice by a few of the more xenophobic patrons. The club became the scene of a fight that followed soon after the arrival of the future Destructix along with Nack the Weasel, Uma Arachnis, and the former Warlord Kodos who managed to abduct Nate. During their escape, Sergeant Simian lobbed a grenade back into the bar for cover. The explosion would have destroyed the business entirely and killed many patrons if had Sonic not managed to throw the grenade towards the skylight. Despite that, the juice bar was heavily damaged and the Does were quite upset after all the hard work they put into opening it, rather than having any concern for Nate’s predicament. (StH: #69, #70)

Following the invasion of Mobotropolis by Robo-Robotnik’s Shadowbot army, Deer John’s was destroyed like all the other businesses and public areas in the city. (StH: #75)


  • This area could be based from the famous company "John Deer". It also could b a pun of a "Dear John" which is a term for a break up letter sent to an absent boyfriend or husband.
  • John Doe and Jane Doe are names used to reference people who no longer remembered their identities.