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Decoe and Bocoe operating the Eggmobile.

Decoe (the tall one) and Bocoe (the short one) are the humanoid, robotic henchmen of Dr. Eggman in the Sonic X Zone.


Eggman asks them to look for money to finance the construction of his robots. Seeing Miss Mary simply recovering some from a national bank in Station Square, they decide to do the same, although they don't know how to do it, the idea of ​​breaking the machine goes through their minds, until a policeman, Agent Albright, stopped them. Back at base, Eggman doesn't flatter them for their failure, but changes the subject when Eggman tells them about his new plan and fetches his new robot: Ben-728 Packratbot to steal money from the Thorndykes' bank. At the end of the issue, they are behind Eggman proud to have collected five rings. (SX: #1)

The two robots stay in the base to review and comment on the Doctor's plans. (SX: #2)