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For various versions of the Dark Legion, see Dark Egg Legion (disambiguation). You may also be looking for Dark Gaia or Dark Gaia's Minions, or Dark Dizzy and Dark Mantis of the Mega Man X series.

Dark Mobius is a dystopian alternate universe where Enerjak rules the world with an iron fist. Although the entire planet fell to his control, Enerjak was resisted by a team of Freedom Fighters led by his daughter, Jani-Ca: Cutlass Depardieu, Scarlette Rabbot, Dagger Walrus, Payback Fox, Blockbuster Polar Bear, and Demo Duck. Silver the Hedgehog ended up in Dark Mobius after being attacked by Prelate-V in 3437 P.X.E., and assisted the Freedom Fighters in their fight against Enerjak.


The Rise of Knuckles

The timeline of Dark Mobius began to diverge from Mobius Prime's around the time of the reunification talks on Angel Island. Knuckles was upset that his supposed death was used by the politicians as a point of debate. Ultimately the talks were successful and the Dark Legion was allowed to unify with the rest of the island's echidna society. Despite this Knuckles felt the reunification was a "joke" as people continued to identify themselves as either "Ex-Legion" or "original citizens". Knuckles decided to take over, dissolved the High Council and took over the Dark Legion, turning it into his own personal army. This decision upset the Brotherhood, leading to a dispute that ended with Knuckles hurling Spectre through a wall. (ASUB)

Beginning a campaign to rid Mobius of its problems Knuckles used his powers to vaporize Dr. Eggman, eliminating him once and for all, apparently sparking jealousy from Sonic. All of Knuckles' decisions culminated with Julie-Su leaving Knuckles after becoming pregnant. Furthermore Remington, the Chaotix and even elements of the Dark Legion began to turn against him. Knuckles chose to adopt the persona of Enerjak and take on the world by himself. (ASUB)

In an effort to protect her daughter from the truth, Julie-Su told Lara-Su that their universe's version of Remington had killed her father. This eventually led to Lara-Su attempting to go back in time and save her father. She ultimately ended up travelling to Mobius Prime, and witnessed a member of the High Council shoot her father. She soon travelled back to her own universe, where her mother told her the truth about her father. The two then embarked on a mission to take down Knuckles. (StH: #106, #108, #109)

Birth of the Freedom Fighters

Lara-Su and her mother soon formed a much larger resistance, organizing what became an army of Freedom Fighters. However Knuckles, who at this point had assumed the identity of Enerjak, virtually crushed the resistance. Julie-Su and the Chaotix had their cores stripped from them and turned into Prelates by Enerjak. Soon, Lara was left with only a handful of allies; as it pained her to think of her foe as her father, she abandoned her name, taking on the alias Jani-Ca. (SU: #25)

Assistance from Silver

Leading the remaining Freedom Fighters, she continued to fight against Enerjak and his Prelate army and eventually developed a plan; she hoped to ambush Enerjak and use the Sword of Acorns to drain away his power. When her team discovered someone being attacked by the Prelates, Jani-Ca's team moved in to save him; the would-be victim turned out to be Silver the Hedgehog, who had traveled to Nekronopolis from his reality while pursuing Prelate-V. While he and Jani-Ca got off to a rough start (due to him mistaking her for another reality's version of herself and using her old name), he eventually accompanied her team to their secret base and Jani-Ca explained their situation and plan to him. However, they soon found themselves ambushed by Enerjak; the villain claimed to have always known where they were, but had kept them around for entertainment value. Because of his interest in Silver's abilities, Enerjak claimed that they were no longer of interest to him. Jani-Ca remained defiant in the face of her corrupted father, and was especially distraught when he revealed a new Prelate especially for her; one based upon her mother, whom Enerjak had rendered into a Core. Elated at first, Silver was shocked as Enerjak dispeled his hold over him with ease and was knocked to the ground with Enerjak declaring Silver had arrived in time to watch him assert complete domination over the world. (SU: #25, #26)


Nekronopolis in the Dark Mobius dimension

As this happened, the Freedom Fighters began desperately fighting the Prelates. With the help of Silver the Hedgehog, the Freedom Fighters defeated the Prelates. However, Enerjak quickly attacked and stole the cores of Freedom Fighters, except Silver and Jani-Ca. Enraged by what Enerjak has done, Silver unleashes his power and attacks. Silver then tells Jani-Ca to use the Sword of Acorns to drain his power after he beats him into submission. Silver and Enerjak begin to charge at each other as Jani-Ca recoils. (SU: #26, #27)

Enerjak and Silver's battle led to massive displays of power on both sides, both using their respective abilities to manipulate local objects, each other, and even Angel Island itself in their conflict. Seeking to enrage his foe further, Enerjak summoned an army of Prelates, who threatened to overwhelm Silver until Jani-Ca came to his aid, fighting them off using the Sword of Acorns. After recognizing his inability to defeat Enerjak on the tyrant's terms, Silver took a different approach, manipulating Enerjak's own attacks with his powers and using them against the power mad Echidna. Thanks to Silver's efforts, Janic-Ca was able to use the Sword's power on Enerjak, reverting him to his original identity of Knuckles while becoming a new incarnation of Enerjak herself. Destroying the Sword of Acorns, she vowed to use her newfound power to restore the damage done to her world. She offered to restore Silver's own world as thanks for his help, but he declined. Silver then returned to his own world, leaving Jani-Ca to rebuild her own. (SU: #28)

Known Inhabitants

Background Information

  • It was originally believed that this zone was known as the "Fractured Mirror Zone" based on the name of the storyline that focused on this zone. Although unofficial, the name "Dark Mobius" comes from the Sonic Universe blog.
  • Dark Mobius has featured counterparts of many notable characters from Mobius Prime, including all members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters except for NICOLE, and all members of the Chaotix. Several teams had one or two members featured as well, including:
  • Given the events of The Silver Saga and the Sonic Universe blog, it appears that certain events on Mobius Prime didn't take place on Dark Mobius, or at least not in the same way:
    • The events of The Darkest Storm (StH: #162-#165) apparently did not take place, or at least didn't result in the destruction of the Sword of Acorns.
    • Some version of The Great Harmony apparently occurred, as the thousands of Chaos Emeralds have apparently been reduced in number to seven.
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