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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
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The Dark Legion was a group of cyborg Echidnas, and an alternate version of the group of the same name from Mobius. Based on Dark Mobius, they shared much of their history with their Prime Zone counterparts, up until the efforts of Dimitri and Knuckles to reunite their people. Though the joining took place, a rift still existed between the two groups, and served as one of the many factors that pushed Knuckles along his path to becoming Dark Enerjak. In his efforts to bring the world to order, he eventually took over the Legion as his own personal army, replacing one of his eyes with a cybernetic implant as a token of good faith. However, the Legion became increasingly rebellious at his tactics of conquest, and Knuckles eventually grew tired of what he believed to be ineptitude on their part. (ASUB, ASUB, ASUB)


Background Information[]

  • The fate of this version of the Dark Legion is largely unknown-the group never appeared in-story. Presumably their rebellion against Enerjak was eventually crushed, and the majority of their members either killed or robbed of their Cores.