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Dark Egg Legion
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The Dark Egg Legion, also known as the Eggman Army, was an army of cyborgs who are part of the Eggman Empire. They serve as regional enforcers and soldiers across Mobius, either fighting for the land they've taken or trying to conquer new regions. All members of the Dark Egg Legion are subjected to the Legionization process and are controlled by at least one Grandmaster. Usually the chapters are of a specific species, but can also be of mixed races. The Dark Egg Legion is analogous to the Egg Army of the World created after the Super Genesis Wave.


Formation & Title[]

The Dark Egg Legion started out as merely a recruitment of soldiers willing to serve the Eggman Empire who were then given cybernetic upgrades. The organization was broken up into a number of chapters, typically named for their resident location. The Downunda Dark Egg Legion consisted of platypuses under the command of Duck "Bill" Platypus, who joined the Eggman Empire in order to gain power over Downunda. The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion, made up of exiled, disgraced, or displaced Felidae and Wolves under Razorklaw and Drago Wolf, targeted their former peoples and homelands: the Pais Misterioso and the Wolf Pack Nation. The Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion consisted of Orcas under Akhlut, the group seeking to dominate the Northern Tundra and end their long-standing feud with the local Walrus Herd.

The Great Desert Dark Egg Legion was composed of various species and controlled by Beauregard Rabbot after being exiled from Sand Blast City. Other chapters included the Dragon Kingdom Dark Egg Legion under the Bride of the Conquering Storm, who sought Eggman's support following the collapse of the Iron Dominion. The Efrika Dark Egg Legion was commanded by Diesel, who united the Bear Pack and Nasty Hyenas biker gangs in order to rule the continent. The Mercia Dark Egg Legion formed under Mordred Hood, who sought to rule the Kingdom of Mercia in place of the royal family he had once served. The Eurish Dark Egg Legion was placed under the command of the brainwashed Hugo Brass, and up until Regina Ferrum became Grandmaster was not known to have any members who had joined without being similarly brainwashed. The Nerb Dark Egg Legion served The Foreman after their race submitted to the Empire, giving in to the oppression due to their conformist tendencies.

The name of the Dark Egg Legion came when the Echidnas of the Dark Legion joined forces with Dr. Eggman to undergo the legionization process after being reverted to completely organic Mobians again. They were then made the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion, led by Dimitri initially and then by Lien-Da. Eggman also had his forces adopt—where possible—the black cloaks of the Echidna Legion, and renamed his Sub-Bosses "Grandmasters" after the leaders of the Legion. (StH: #184, #213, #217, SU: #11, #37, #38, #39, #40, #47)

Iron Dominion Rulership[]

The Eggman Empire was briefly usurped by the Iron Dominion when Dr. Eggman briefly suffered a psychological break down and was rendered completely insane. Dimitri, then-Grandmaster of the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion, played a hand in this so the Echidnas of the Dark Legion could go free as bombs had been placed inside their new cybernetics. But the Iron Queen told him she could not remove the explosives and could only jam the detonation signal with micro chips. Dimitri took the chips with suspicion and then the Dark Egg Legion was used to fend off the invading Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Khan with assistance from the Yagyu Clan and the Iron King. Dimitri later learned that while they would jam the signal, they would also give the Iron Queen complete control of the Echidnas through her powers of Magitek. (StH: #192, #200, #201, #202)

Abroad, the Downunda Dark Egg Legion began an alliance with Dr. Finitevus to bring Angel Island back to Mobius's surface using his Warp Ring technology. Their plans were later met with interference from the Downunda Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix, but were soon captured. This branch's Grandmaster revealed to the two groups that he was in fact undercover to gain some kind of hold on his people since they wanted power. Knuckles the Echidna fought against Finitevus while the other Freedom Fighters dealt with the Dark Egg Legion and their plans were foiled. (SU: #11, #12)

Back at New Megaopolis, the local Dark Egg Legion and the Iron Dominion's forces were called to fight off a rampant Eggman who had escaped his cell and gained control of his Egg-Tortoise. When he went passed New Megaopolis's boundaries, the Dark Egg Legion and the Yagyu went after him under the supervision of the Iron Monarchs and met with trouble in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog. With just Sonic they struggled, but then more of the Knothole Freedom Fighters appeared and gave them a brutal beating before making a retreat into New Mobotropolis and they were unable to reclaim Eggman. Later that day, Lien-Da secretly imprisoned Dimitri and was promoted to the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion's Grandmaster by the Iron Queen. The Dark Egg Legion and the Yagyu then participated in the takeover of New Mobotropolis after the Iron Queen used her powers of Magitek to control NICOLE. Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally and Monkey Khan escaped in the middle of the invasion, however, and later went to seek out help in the Dragon Kingdom. During their absence, the Dark Egg Legion and Yagyu Clan helped to maintain control over the city and started rounding up civilians to force them into the legionization process. Resistance was encountered by some of the remaining Freedom Fighters in the city, however, and both groups had to deal with their attempts at driving off the Iron Dominion. The Dark Egg Legion and Yagyu were then stationed at New Mobotropolis's coliseum while the captured citizens were legionized in public and some legionnaires were even on hand to help with the process itself. The first Mobian up for legionization was Rotor Walrus, who resisted and pummeled two armed legionnaires before his back gave out. Then the resisting members of the Freedom Fighters appeared and the Dark Egg Legionnaires and Yagyu ninjas went on the attack with the Iron King. Then reinforcements arrived in the form of Sonic, Tails, Sally and Monkey Khan, back from the Dragon Kingdom with advantages in tow. They revealed to the Yagyu Clan that they were no longer tied to the Iron Dominion and used the mystical Fan of Fen Xing to blow the Iron King out of New Mobotropolis. Lien-Da decided this would be the perfect opportunity to usurp the Eggman Empire herself since she'd installed one of the chips with its Magitek enhancement function removed. The Iron Queen then detonated the bomb inside her using her powers and the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion turned to Snively, who ran for it as they seemed doomed. The Dark Egg Legionnaires then retreated to the Eggdome and later changed sides back to Eggman, who was now sane again. (StH: #205, #206, #208, #209, #210, #211, #212)

Global War[]

With Eggman back in power, operations abroad returned to normal. The first of the Eggman Empire's strikes was the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion's theft of the Ancient Onyx to further the divide between the Mysterious Cat Country and the Wolf Pack Nation. For a while, the plan went smoothly, but a timely interruption from Sonic, Sally and Big the Cat foiled their plans and revealed to the two nations that their own kind had turned against them. (StH: #213, #214)

The next strike was to take control of the Walrus Herd again through use of mind control technology. Using the herd as slave labor, the Legion chapter under Grandmaster Akhlut built a massive refueling station for purposes unknown at the time. The Arctic Freedom Fighters issued a distress signal for Sonic's help, however, and got additional reinforcements in the form of Rotor Walrus in a mechanical suit and Silver the Hedgehog, who managed to put an end to the Eggman Empire's attemts at controlling the walruses once and for all and also severely damaged the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion. (StH: #215, #216)

Grandmaster Beauregard Rabbot, reunited with his long lost niece, a few days later, when she and Sonic heard of problems occurring in Sand Blast City. She, temporarily, allied herself with the legion after hearing their depressing history. The next day, they ran into trouble with the Sand-Blasters along with Sonic while trying to take possession of the Oil Ocean Refinery. Sonic and Bunnie began to fight for, what they each pictured, was right. Unfortunately, after hearing each others' stories, they began to destroy the Oil Ocean Refinery to "help each side." With the refinery destroyed the two Freedom Fighters, the Dark Egg Legion, and the Sand-Blasters went their separate ways. (StH: #217, #218)

The Echidna chapter became crew and passengers aboard the newly launched Death Egg Mark 2, which they had created by reconstructing the EggDome. The other Legion chapters had been put to work setting up refueling stations for the massive transport. Though the entire Legion apparently vanished in the events of Operation: Clean Sweep, they returned after Super Sonic undid the majority of the changes to reality using Chaos Control. Unbeknownst to them, the entire Legion was threatened by a World Roboticizer aboard the Death Egg, which would have caused their cybernetics to explode and most likely wipe them out. This was thwarted by Sally Acorn, who willingly became Mecha Sally as she diverted the Roboticizer beam at herself. Following a risky attack on New Mobotropolis with the damaged Death Egg, the Echidna Legion piloted it to safety. (StH: #224, #225, #230, #231)

After receiving false information regarding Robotnik's demise, the various Grandmasters reacted in different ways, only to have their illusions shattered as they were teleported aboard the Death Egg for a conference with Robotnik. After reminding them of their expected loyalty and of his insurance—the explosives planted in their cybernetics—Robotnik gave the Legion instructions. They were tasked with locating the missing blue Chaos Emerald and continuing their missions of expansion, to be aided by the Metal Series. The former New Megaopolis chapter was also given the opportunity to choose its new location in reward for its loyal services to the empire. The chapter under Hugo Brass soon saw action under Robotnik's direct command, launching an attack on Central City. Robotnik would briefly contact the Raiju Legion before engaging in battle with the renegade Snively and the Iron Queen. Defeated, the Technomage was then appointed Grandmaster of Hugo's chapter, while Snively was imprisoned and replaced with an Infiltrator who served with the Iron Queen. (SU: #37, #38, #39, #40)

The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion would be the next to work in tandem with the Death Egg forces, using Mecha Sally to kidnap Queen Hathor of the Felidae and Grand Chief Lupe of the Wolf Pack. Once again the Legion's intent was to pit the two sides against each other, enabling them to establish a surer foothold in the region. However, the arrival of Team Fighters and the assistance they received from Leeta and Lyco of the Wolves and from an escaped Hathor foiled the Legion's plans yet again. The New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion made its choice after this, and the Death Egg dropped them off on Albion, where they engaged the Echidna citizens. They succeeded in capturing many Echidnas, whom they were ordered to Legionize, but were thwarted when the Echidna resistance forces under Remington were joined by Team Fighters. Though the Legion was aided by Metal Knuckles, an overloaded defense system knocked all the combatants unconscious. As such, both the Legion and their Echidna adversaries were sent through a super-charged Warp Ring to parts unknown by Thrash the Devil. (StH: #237, #238, #241, #243#244)

At roughly the same time as the assault on Albion, the Mercia Dark Egg Legion found itself dealing with the Chaotix. Five members of that group—first Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, and later Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee—came to Mercia and teamed up with the Mercian Freedom Fighters against the Legion. Mighty and Ray were instrumental in thwarting a Legion attempt to discover the location of Hideaway, the Freedom Fighters' refuge, and managed to infiltrate Snottingham Castle. The later trio banded together with the Freedom Fighters and likewise penetrated the castle, accessing the Eggnet and freeing the Legion's prisoners using a Warp Ring. With that accomplished, both groups ended up in the Great Desert, where the first two joined the Sand-Blasters in engaging the Great Desert Legion. Subsequently all five Chaotix members ended up teaming up with the Legion against the Sand-Blasters due to the harm caused by the Sand-Blasters to Matilda the Armadillo, a Legionnaire and Mighty's sister. The Chaotix and the Legion established friendly ties, but for the safety of both groups the Chaotix were forced to return to Angel Island. (SU: #46, #47, #48, #49)

The Orca Legion then welcomed the Death Egg to its bunker in the Northern Tundra, where they began repairing and restocking the craft. They also helped defend the Death Egg from an attack party consisting of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, Team Fighters, and Silver the Hedgehog, prior to a second Genesis Wave. (StH: #247)


  • Laser Rifles: Standard equipment for legionnaires of most branches, the laser rifles a potent energy weapon capable of taking down even the strongest of Mobians in sufficient numbers, but they don't appear to be lethal.
  • Implants: All members of the Dark Egg Legion have parts of their bodies replaced with mechanical implants, increasing their strength and giving them new abilities. The extent of individual legionnaire cybernetics is currently unknown, but seems to vary between individuals.
Writer Ian Flynn suggested on his forum that about 30% of the echidna chapter's bodies have been replaced as of joining the Eggman Empire.
  • Egg Mobiles: Mainly utilized by the New Megaopolis branch of the Dark Egg Legion, they are a single person craft capable of flight. They are mainly used for patrols and strategic overview, but can attach to larger crafts.
  • Death Egg Mark 2: Though only the Echidna chapter of the Legion actually mans the new Death Egg, it's resources-to a certain extent-are available to assist all the Legion chapters. This comes mostly in the form of robotic support, notably the Metal Series units and the Egg Swat troops.
  • Robots: Several of the Legion chapters have various models of Robotnik's robot army at their disposal, though they use them with varying frequency. Said models include:
    • Wing Dingoes: These machines appear to be exclusive to the Downunda Dark Egg Legion. They appear to be a new design of the original Wing Dingoes and are used as attack drones, but haven't proven much of a problem for the Downunda Freedom Fighters or the Chaotix.
    • Egg Swats: Upgraded versions of the old SWATbot models, these units are primarily deployed aboard and from the Death Egg Mark 2. They can be equipped with various weapons, such as laser pistols and lances, and can also utilize other equipment designed by their creator, such as the flight capable Turtloids.
    • G.O.O.N.s: Giant robots apparently exclusive to the Mercia Dark Egg Legion.
  • Repurposed G.U.N. tech: the Eurish Dark Egg Legion, in addition to Legionized soldiers, used G.U.N. tech in their raids.
  • Tanks Lien-Da's D.E.L. chapter was equipped with tanks and other heavy artillery when they attacked Albion. These tanks greatly resembled those used by the original Dark Legion. The Great Desert D.E.L. chapter also utilizes tanks, though they lack the futuristic exterior of the Echidna variants.
  • Weapons platform The Great Desert D.E.L. chapter was equipped with a large heavily-armed mobile base.


Background Information[]

  • Despite being a cyborg army, the cybernetic implants of the legionnaires were usually obscured by the cloaks worn by its members (in the case of rank-and-file Legionnaires). Naturally this did not include the Orca Legion.
  • At first, the Dark Egg Legion was believed to just be the remnants of the Dark Legion renamed with the "Egg" motif when they became Dr. Eggman's standing army in New Megaopolis. According to Drago Wolf, the Dark Egg Legion didn't get it's name until the "dreadheads" joined, as revealed in #214.
  • As hinted by Bill in SU #12, the Legion did not actually start in Downunda, but just expanded to include a chapter local to that continent. Dialogue in SU #11 suggested that the platypus branch came before the echidna one however, likely some time while Sonic was still in outer space, and as Bill put it: We were "upgraded" with cybernetics and made a chapter of his growing "Dark Egg Legion." This indicated more branches, and dialogue in StH #210 revealed that some citizens of New Mobotropolis had been subjected to Legionization and sent to global legion chapters, further evidence of which was given by Espio the Chameleon in #212, where he revealed that Mighty the Armadillo's sister Matilda the Armadillo was currently a member of one.
  • A third chapter's membership was confirmed as of #213, differing from the previous two chapters in that it was made up of two Mobian races-Wolves and Cats-neither of which were monotremes. A fourth chapter made of orcas was later confirmed in #216, which differs from the other chapters seen in that it's members are non-anthropomorphic except for their ability to communicate. The fifth chapter stands out in that it composed of a variety of desert animals instead of one or two main species, and that they joined the Eggman Empire as their only means of survival from the Freedom Fighters oppressing them in a harsh environment. Yet another chapter consisting of the members of the Raiju Clan was mentioned in #218. However, the clan was only beginning to join the Legion, as they had not yet received their cybernetics. Sonic Universe issue #37 introduced an additional four chapters, two apparently consisting of single races-Humans/Overlanders and Nerbs-and one known to be made up of mixed species.
  • Bill Platypus, Razorklaw, and Beauregard Rabbot all have attire that resembles Dr. Eggman's, rather like the outfit Snively Robotnik adopted after rejoining the Eggman Empire. The other Grandmasters typically have more individualized attire, similar to how Grandmasters of the original Dark Legion were distinguished from the ordinary troops.
  • With the exception of the Mercia Dark Egg Legion group, the chapters of the organization were either introduced, had some of their membership introduced, or were tied back to events prior to their debut in the Legion:
    • The New Megaopolis/Albion chapter was the original Dark Legion, who approached Robotnik for technology and support after their cybernetics were removed by Enerjak.
    • The Downunda chapter was formed from a Platypus army that had previously united under a brainwashed Bill Platypus, with the now lucid Bill as its leader. Unbeknownst to the membership, Bill only did this so he could sabotage the Legion's efforts from within.
    • The Soumerca chapter was formed from exiled, treacherous, and misplaced members of the Felidae and the Wolf Pack Nation, including former Destructix member Drago Wolf and disgraced Felidae champion Razorklaw.
    • Though technically not introduced before their appearance as the Northern Tundra Legion, the Orcas were revealed to have had a hand in the various attacks by Robotnik on the Walrus Herd.
    • The Great Desert chapter was composed of the former Robians who had previously menaced Sand-Blast City, under the leadership of Bunnie Rabbot's referenced uncle Beauregard with Mighty the Armadillo's sister Matilda as a member.
    • The Dragon Kingdom chapter is the Raiju Clan, previously aligned with the Eggman Empire under the Iron Dominion.
    • The Eurish chapter's membership included brainwashed and Legionized agents of G.U.N. and was later joined by the Iron Queen.
    • The Nerb chapter was formed from members of the Nerb race.
    • The Efrika chapter includes members of the Bear Pack, who previously appeared in the comics, and the Nasty Hyenas, who appeared in an episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series.
  • Beginning with issue 243, the Dark Egg Legion has been referred to as "Eggman's Army" or "Eggman's Forces" with Grandmasters being referred to by the generic term "sub-boss", although the word Legionization remains in use. This appears to be due to the ongoing Penders case that also resulted in the complete removal of Lien-Da's chapter from the story. In issue 253 the group was shown to have been replaced in the new continuity by the "Egg Army," though some members-including Mordred Hood, Conquering Storm and Akhlut-carried over into the new reality.
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