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Cyzer Profile


Cyzer is one of the Dark Arms cared for by Eclipse the Darkling following the destruction of the New Black Comet.


Cyzer and his fellow Dark Arms were created using the Wisps, and meant to enhance the Black Arms' abilities. However, they were still in egg form when G.U.N. sent Team Dark and Spider Troupe to destroy the New Black Comet, and were evacuated aboard a shuttle with Eclipse. Crash-landing on Angel Island, Cyzer and three other Dark Arms hatched, and Eclipse set out to insure their survival. After nurturing them with red fruit, he sought to claim the Master Emerald to increase their strength. His first attempt was thwarted and aborted due to the threat posed by their hunters, but on the second Cyzer and the other Dark Arms joined him. After Blurk and Cregal helped Eclipse down Omega and Rouge, Cyzer gave him the power to destroy Dr. Julian Snively's tele-pod before threatening Relic the Pika. With the Emerald in hand and Team Dark's shuttle in sight, the Dark Arms and Eclipse fought their way through Sandopolis Zone to escape the island. However, they were caught and defeated by Knuckles and Shadow, the former scattering the Master Emerald's shattered fragments across Mobius. Cryzer and his fellow aliens then escaped to Mobius' surface in the shuttle. (SU: #59, #62, #67, #68, #69, #70)


Cyzer is a violent being whose only loyalty is to Eclipse.


Cyzer can merge with other beings to grant them the ability to generate laser blasts.

Dark Arm Power - Laser

Eclipse using "Dark Arm Power: Laser" by fusing with Cyzer.

Background Information


Cyzer is based on the Cyan Wisps, though unlike them he possess a mouth, three eyes, and a serpent-like appearance.

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