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Cyborg Sonic & Robo-Robotnik
Cyborg Sonic
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #19

Final Appearance

Same issue

Biographical information

17 (Born on day 162, 3220)


Versions from Mobius Prime



Physical description


  • Height: 70 marks
  • Weight: 7.2 stone
  • Fur: Blue
  • Eyes: Green (originally brown)
  • Skin: Peach
  • Right side of body robotic
  • Black leather jacket
  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red shoe
  • White glove
Political Alignment and Abilities

Cyborg Sonic is one of the countless alternate versions of Sonic the Hedgehog from another dimension. On his version of Mobius, Robo-Robotnik attempted to defeat the Freedom Fighters by turning them into cyborgs. However, the enhanced abilities granted them by this transformation allowed them to march on Robotropolis for a final confrontation with him. Sadly, Robotnik turned the tables by completely roboticizing himself and terminated the resistance. Cyborg Sonic, the sole known survivor, ventured to Mobius Prime to seek help from his various multiverse counterparts, and took part in the battle against the Giant Borg to defeat his version of Robo-Robotnik. Following this Cyborg Sonic returned to his home zone with the head of Robo-Robotnik.


Early Life

Cyborg Sonic's history was the same as his Mobius Prime counterpart's up until he and his fellow Freedom Fighter were turned into cyborgs by their universe's Robotnik. However, their new half-mechanical bodies made them powerful enough to march on to Robotropolis for a final confrontation with Robotnik. Unfortunately, Robotnik turned the tables on them by subjecting to his own roboticization process, which allowed him to terminate the resistance, except for Cyborg Sonic.

With Robo-Robotnik having become so powerful that he threatened all universes, Cyborg Sonic fled into the Cosmic Interstate in search of new allies to fight him. (StH: #19)

Arrival on Mobius Prime

Making his way to Mobius Prime, Cyborg Sonic would appear in front of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn and tell his story to them, after which Sonic would agree to help him. After gathering various versions of themselves from other zones, the gathered Sonics would attempt to make a plan of action when they were suddenly attacked by Robo-Robotnik's Shadow SWATbots, an attack which was reppeled by Dr. Robotnik, who offered a temporary truce. (StH: #19)

Battle against Giant Borg and Returning Home

After Robo-Robotnik managed to unlock Giant Borg by acquiring the Giant's Hand, he would set upon an army of Sonics, including Cyborg Sonic, who managed to fragment both the robot and Robo-Robotnik into pieces. After his destruction, Cyborg Sonic took Robo-Robotnik's head and, along with all the other Sonics, a piece of the Giant Borg, in order to ensure that it was never reassembled, and returned to his home zone. (StH: #19)


Cyborg Sonic is shown to be more serious and determined than his prime counterpart, likely due to the hardships he has suffered.


Due to his partial roboticization, the right side of Cyborg Sonic's body is robotic. He further wears a black leather jacket and a glove and shoe on his organic hand and foot respectively. Due to his mouth being partially roboticized, he begins every sentence with "Click! Whrrr...".

Background Information

  • Cyborg Sonic's character and story are nods to the Terminator franchise.
  • Cyborg Sonic along with Sonic (future version) were once thought to be the same character, according to former writer Ken Penders they were. Current writer Ian Flynn revealed they're separate characters.
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