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You may be looking for Rotor (future version).
Cyborg Freedom Fighters

Cyborg Rotor fighting along side Cyborg Sally and Cyborg Sonic

Cyborg Rotor is an alternate version of Rotor Walrus from an alternate universe Mobius. In his zone, Robotnik attempted to defeat the Freedom Fighters by turning them into cyborgs. However, the enhanced abilities granted to them by the transformation allowed them to march on Robotropolis for a final confrontation with him. Sadly, Robotnik simply roboticized himself, and in his more-powerful form, managed to turn the tide and terminate the resistance, including Cyborg Rotor. Only Cyborg Sonic was known to have survived the encounter. (StH: #19)

Background Information

  • Former head writer Ken Penders considered Dr. Eggman to be the same entity as the original Robo-Robotnik featured in StH: #19, which would have made this version of Rotor the same individual as Rotor (future version). However, head writer Ian Flynn retconned the decision and identifies both realities separately, meaning that Future Rotor and Cyborg Rotor are two separate individuals.
  • Although not directly stated, it was implied through dialogue that Cyborg Rotor was killed.
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