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Cyborg Freedom Fighters

The Cyborg Freedom Fighters attacking Robotnik

The Cyborg Freedom Fighters are an alternate version of the Knothole Freedom Fighters from an alternate universe Mobius. In this universe the Freedom Fighters were turned into cyborgs by Dr. Robotnik. This proved to be nearly disastrous for the tyrant, as the now-more powerful Cyborg Freedom Fighters marched on Robotropolis and nearly won. However, the Cyborg Freedom Fighters' resistance was terminated after Robotnik roboticized himself and gained the upper hand in the battle. (StH: #19)

Cyborg Sonic managed to escape the zone along the Cosmic Interstate and gain the help of the multiverse's Sonics to defeat Robo-Robotnik and his Giant Borg battle suit. Robo-Robotnik was also seemingly destroyed in the encounter. Cyborg Sonic took the head of his nemesis back to his native zone, along with a piece of the Giant Borg, and this group was never heard from again. (StH: #19)

Known Members

Background Information

  • Former head writer Ken Penders considered Dr. Eggman to be the same entity as the original Robo-Robotnik featured in StH: #19, which would have made the Cyborg Freedom Fighters the same characters as their counterparts from Mobius (future version). However, head writer Ian Flynn retconned the decision and identifies both realities separately.
  • Though it wasn't confirmed, story dialogue implied that all members of the Cyborg Freedom Fighters except Sonic had perished.
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