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You may be looking for the Cyber-Mechanoid Design Facility or Cyber Peacock.

Cyberization is a process in which Mobians are turned into cyborg members of the Egg Army in order to serve as foot soldiers to the Eggman Empire. The effects of the process are not always obvious, but can evidently be beneficial.


Cyberization was introduced as the means by which Dr. Eggman augmented his Egg Army's Egg Bosses and soldiers. One of the more obvious recipients of this process was Egg Boss Cassia, whose physical condition was apparently improved as a result. Egg Bosses Thunderbolt and Axel also benefited, the former gaining the ability to fire electrical blasts and the latter gaining weaponry. (SSSM: #9, StH: #263, #264)

In order to ensure continued loyalty and competance among his Egg Soldiers and Egg Bosses, Eggman had built a fail-safe within their cybernetics which can completely paralyze their entire bodies upon activation. In this state, they'll still be conscious, but unable to move or even speak. Eggman will then have them locked away within small, dark slots for as long as he chooses. (SU: #84)

Background Information

  • The cyberization process is reminiscent of the assimilation process used by the Borg in Star Trek, particularly the forcible implanting of cybernetics into a living person. This similarity is possibly intentional, given the comics' penchant for making references to other science-fiction franchises. Of course, it is notable that the cyberized individuals retain their individual will.
  • The replacement of the term "Legionization" with "Cyberization" most likely occured due to the former term's association with the Dark Legion concept created by Ken Penders.
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