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Crusher the Chao
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Crusher is a Razor the Shark's pet Chao.



Accordingly, Crusher was a crybaby Chao that fell through the roof of the Eusebes Shrine grounds and ended up in the Chao Garden.[1] He would eventually become Razor the Shark's pet Chao and adopt a much more fierce personality.

Waves of Change[]

During the Shattered World Crisis, Sally Acorn had sent Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Rotor the Walrus to a possible location of a Gaia Temple. After learning of their presence, Coral the Betta sent Razor and Crusher to the surface to take the Freedom Fighters down to the Eusebes Shrine. Using the Air Charm, the three Freedom Fighters traveled underwater with Razor and Crusher to the Eusebus Shrine, where they met Coral and Pearly the Manta Ray. Razor, Coral, and Pearly let the Freedom Fighters stay the night, as the waters were plagued with Dark Gaia monsters. Crusher constantly attempts to bite Sonic as he plays with the other Chao, only for Razor to stop him each time.

The next day, Crusher caused mischeif by stealing one of the Chao's fruit. Suddenly, Captain Striker the Mantis Shrimp and the City Guards attack, demanding to know why the Freedom Fighters are trespassing on sacred ground. (StH: #260)

Background Information[]


Crusher is a green and black colored Dark Swim-type Chao. Like other Dark Chao, Crusher has a green spiked-ball floating above his head. Crusher has no pupils, but rather blank-white eyes.