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Cregal Profile


Cregal is one of the Dark Arms created in an experiment suggested by Eclipse the Darkling to Black Death, and one of only four to survive landing on Mobius.


At the urging of Eclipse, Black Death diverted the New Black Comet to the homeworld of the Wisps on its way to Mobius. There the Black Arms collected a number of Wisps for experimentation, with this research leading to the cultivation of the Dark Arms. The Dark Arms were still in their egg state when the New Black Comet arrived at Mobius, and were evacuated with Eclipse to save them from the destruction of their fellow Black Arms. Crash-landing on Angel Island, only four of them would end up surviving, one of them being Cregal. After spending some time in Eclipse's care and nearly being discovered by the searching Team Dark and Knuckles the Echidna, Cregal and his brethren joined Eclipse in attacking Shrine Isle to claim the Master Emerald. Cregal's powers were utilized second, allowing Eclipse to best Rouge the Bat after Blurk's abilities subdued E-123 Omega. However, their ownership of the Master Emerald was brief, as Knuckles and Shadow the Hedgehog caught up to them and defeated them in battle, and the gem was shattered into fragments. Cregal and the others, wearied by their struggles, then escaped to a swamp on Mobius' surface. (SU: #59, #62, #67, #68, #69, #70)


Cregal is fiercely loyal to Eclipse, but possesses a combative nature.


Cregal has the ability to grant its user the power of flight; in the case of Eclipse, by transforming his arms into wings.

Dark Arm Power - Wing

Eclipse using "Dark Arm Power: Wing" by fusing with Cregal.

Background Information

  • Cregal appears to be based on the Crimsons Wisps.
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