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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Cream the Rabbit.

Cream the Rabbit is an alternate version of Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic X Zone. She was a Mobian rabbit and daughter of Vanilla transported from her world to the human world using Chaos Control.

Upon arriving on Earth, she was examined unwillingly by scientists, however Sonic came to the rescue and bailed her out with force. She doesn't possess that much importance, but she did have another conflict when she had to destroy her friend, Emerl.


Being the youngest of the group of Mobians, Cream is very easy going and soft spoken. She was taught at a young age the value of good manners and does so with a cheerful smile on her face and a soft voice. She is also not afraid to voice her anger and disgust, but never does so in a rude way. Cream is good friends with everyone but is especially close to Amy and Cheese. Cream enjoys the simple things in life like picking flowers and making crowns out of them and playing outside. Cream is also always eager to lend her friends a hand whenever the situation calls for it and like Tails possesses the ability to fly by flapping her long ears. She is rarely ever seen without her faithful friend and pet Cheese the Chao.

Background Information[]

  • This version of Cream was introduced before her Prime-Zone counterpart. This is because at the time the Sonic X comic was being published, Sega had asked that Cream remain exclusive to Sonic X. It wasn't until after the Sonic X comic ended that Sega decided to lift this rule.
  • In Sonic X Issue 36, Cream has been shown the ability to do a sonic scream.