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Cream the Rabbit
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #217

Biographical information




Physical description


  • Height: 70cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Fur: Cream and brown (primary); white (muzzle)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Vermilion Dress
  • White gloves
  • Cobalt tie
  • White socks
  • Yellow and vermilion shoes
  • White Panties
Political Alignment and Abilities

Flight using her ears


Cream the Rabbit is a young Mobian rabbit who lived an idyllic life with her mother Vanilla and her pet Chao Cheese until the evil of Dr. Eggman entered their world. Since then she has found herself a friend to some of the world's most noble heroes, including Amy Rose and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Early Adventures

During one of his various schemes, Dr. Eggman abducted Cream and her family, only for Sonic to free her and Cheese. She then joined him and his various allies in the quest to rescue her mother as well, with the family later taking up residence on Westside Island. When Cheese's brother Chocola was abducted by Metal Sonic, Cream joined Team Rose alongside Amy and Big the Cat in order to rescue him. She also befriended Emerl, an ancient robot who was later destroyed, and was overjoyed when her friend Tails reprogrammed Gemerl to be like him, with the robot joining the Rabbit family in their home. Cream went on to befriend Blaze the Cat, joined a new incarnation of Team Rose with Amy and Vector the Crocodile in order to compete in an Extreme Gear competition, made a new Chao friend while caught up in Eggman's schemes regarding the Wisps, and was one of the many friends and allies of Sonic scattered across his history by the Time Eater. (VG: SAd2, SH, SB, SRu, Riders SFR, SAd3, StH: #257)

Team Rose Reunited

Team Rose reunited.

Some time later, Cream found herself, Cheese, and Amy in the Sol Zone, where they were reunited with Blaze and also met her fellow natives, Marine the Raccoon and the Coconut Crew. Their memories of Mobius strangely obscured, Cream and Amy gladly offered to help Blaze in her latest quest: obtaining the last of the Sol Emeralds from a crew of Sol Zone Pirates. As a result, their vessel-the Ocean Tornado-became embroiled in a heated battle with the pirates' ship, during which Cream spent most of her time taking cover. The pirates quickly gained the upper hand, with the Ocean Tornado suffering severe damage, and the Coconut Crew evacuated on Marine's orders. The impetuous Raccoon prepared to lead the members of Team Rose on a daring invasion of the pirates' vessel to aid Blaze, who had boarded the ship during the fight. However, just as Cream was taking cover inside an explosives crate, the pirates deployed a large laser cannon which they turned on the ship. The Ocean Tornado was annihilated, with all hands aboard seemingly lost. (SU: #55)

Fortunately, Cream's hiding place had proven ample protection for herself, Cheese, Amy, and Marine, though it proved to be less-than seaworthy. Having lost her ship, Marine went into a depressed rant, upsetting Cream. An irate Amy got the situation back on track, though there was another brief scare as what appeared to be sharks approached the castaways. The sea creatures turned out to be dolphins, whom Cheese was able to communicate with and in turn convey their news-which concerned Blaze being captured and taken to Pirate Island-to the others. Aided by the mammals, the girls made their way to the island, only to meet the native Sprockets. At first believing the small creatures to be enemies, they soon learned that they were all on the same side. The Chief Sprocket then led the girls to the top of a large structure that served as throne room to the pirate leader, Captain Metal. As they did, they overheard Metal's ranting to a captive Blaze and caught sight of his devastating new weapon, the Egg O' War. Cream and Amy moved quickly in an effort to rescue Blaze, only to have an angry Marine alert the pirates to their presence. Cream managed to swoop in and save her new friend, but Metal then unleashed his pet, the monstrous Kraken. (SU: #56)

Front Row to Disaster

After their trip to the Sol Zone, Cream, Cheese and Amy would find themselves back in Mobotropolis just in time for Princess Sally to crash land in front of them, being chased by Metal Sonic. She attempted to recruit Bean and Bark to help out, but because she didn't have any money, Bean refused and Bark took the Dynamite Duck and left. Cream played a small role in aiding Amy and Sally against Metal Sonic until Sonic and Tails arrived to save the day. Soon after, she was invited along onto the new Sky Patrol base, where she was reunited with Big. Sadly, this meant that Cream got a first hand look at the disaster to come as, thanks to the Super Genesis Wave, Mobius was torn apart before her eyes, forcing the poor bunny to turn away. While the Freedom Fighters aided in rescuing those caught in Station Square after the World Shattering, Cream provided valuable assistance to Sally, helping coordinate the Freedom Fighters even in the midst of a brief breakdown on Sally's part. After Station Square's situation was stabilized, Cream finally contacted her mother, who reassured her over everything, letting her know that Chocola was safe with Gemerl. She remained aboard the Sky Patrol afterwards, later greeting Sally, Antoine, and Tails upon their return from a mission and admiring the Chaos Emerald displayed by a proud Tails. She and her old friends from Team Rose later took part in a training exercise alongside the other Freedom Fighters in a simulation engineered by Nicole. (StH: #256, #257, #262; SSD: #11)

On a later mission to recover a Chaos Emerald, Cream was one of a handful of the Sky Patrol's present crew-also including Big, Cheese, Nicole, Omochao, and T-Pup-who were not organized into either Team Freedom or Team Fighters for a Chaos Emerald recovery attempt due to their inexperience. However, when both teams were caught in a deadly trap set by Dr. Eggman, Cream led everyone but Nicole to their rescue. She then joined her teammates who weren't competing in the Chaos Emerald Championship in anxiously watching Tails' match against Honey the Cat, and cried out that Honey was cheating when she used a cheap trick to defeat Tails. Later, she greeted the team after a late night attack by Dark Gaia's Minions, and ran into some trouble trying to operate Rotor Walrus' overly complicated coffee machine. Nicole suddenly departed for the Digital World in the midst of this, and Cream then questioned Rotor, who explained what they knew about the strange world to her. (StH: #266, #267, #269, SU: #71)

While most of the Freedom Fighters, Knuckles the Echidna, and Chip were on missions in Apotos, Cream remained aboard the Sky Patrol with Rotor. Displeased with the fact that she was never sent out on missions, Cream questioned when she would be, and was informed by Rotor that she would be able to go when it didn't involve dealing with monsters like the minions. She and her teammates subsequently traveled to the Crystal Desert Zone to meet a G.U.N. unit and obtain a Chaos Emerald, only to find the unit the victim of an attack by Metal Sonic. Fortunately, Sonic was able to recover the Emerald, and the Freedom Fighters were able to help the G.U.N. troops recover. (StH: #272; SU: #75)

Worlds Unite

Cream helping command the Unified Army.

Cream and her friends were soon caught up in a new crisis as the villainous Sigma-1 set out to conquer the Multiverse. His plan involved sending M'egga Man to Mobotropolis, where he attempted to set up one of his master's Unity Engines. Cream's teammates engaged the corrupted Mega Man with no success, and at Sally's urging Cream contacted her mother and pleaded with her to send Gemerl. Unfortunately, even the mighty Gizoid proved to be no match for M'egga Man, who activated the engine. The ensuing fusion of Mobius and Earth 20XX brought the Freedom Fighters into contact with the Robot Masters of the other world, and revealed to them Sonic Man, Sonic having joined Mega Man as one of the Roboticized Masters. The pair were eventually cured, and after helping civilians Cream and her teammates were joined on the Sky Patrol by the robots of Earth 20XX, Gemerl, the Maverick Hunters, Team Sticks, and Dr. Light. It wasn't long before the heroes launched their assault on Sigma's forces at the Lost Hex, engaging an army of Mechaniloids led by the Deadly Six. Unfortunately, the villains used their robot-controlling powers to force Mega Man, X, and their comrades to attack Cream and their other friends. (StH: #273; MM: #50; SB: #9)


Cream was taught at a young age the importance of manners. She is a polite, considerate, and brave little girl, yet also very fun-loving and child-like. Unlike her mother, she is very enthusiastic about meeting new people and seeing new places. Even with her mother's lessons in manners, she can still be a bit forward, but is quick to apologize. Because of her emphasis on the importance of politeness and manners, she has a low tolerance for rudeness; even the thought of others being dishonest can cause her dismay, but she becomes especially upset - even angry - when Chao are being mistreated. While she looks to Amy to teach her how to help others and stand for what's right, she also hopes to pass along some of her more ladylike qualities to the Hedgehog.

While young, Cream is also quite astute, able to recognize the correlation between events that would seem to be unrelated.


Using her lop rabbit ears, Cream is able to fly high off the ground, and the amount of strength she uses enables her to carry loads larger than herself.


Cream is a small lop-eared rabbit with cream fur and brown eyes. She has orange/light brown markings around her eyes, on her head and at the ends of her ears. She wears a simple red/orange dress with a white collar and blue cravat, white gloves with gold cufflinks, and orange and yellow shoes. Her ears are usually swiveled back and flop behind her head.

Background Information

  • Cream and her friendship with Cheese are a pun on "cream cheese," while her relationship with her mother is a pun of "vanilla cream." Vanilla, Cream and Cheese are all names that involve some sort of dessert.
  • Cream's ears, like most lop-eared rabbits, flop behind her head. However, she swivels her ears before flying.
  • Cream is one of the only Sega characters in the comic whose parent originates from the video games. She shares this trait with Shadow the Hedgehog (created by Professor Gerald Robotnik using the Black Arms' DNA), Rouge the Bat (she mentioned "her mama" in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood), Tikal the Echidna (she was Pachacamac's daughter) and Jet the Hawk (a picture of his father can be seen on the Sonic Riders video games).
  • According to Ian Flynn's Q&A, Cream enjoys healthy snacks but is also fond of ice cream and baked goods. [1]
    • In the Sonic video game series, Cream's favourite food is ice cream.
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