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First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog (Miniseries) #0

Biographical information

3235 (destroyed 3237)


Dr. Ivo Robotnik

  • Unknown
Physical description


  • Colur: red
  • Eyes: black
Political Alignment and Abilities

Crabmeat was a crab-based Badnik created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He was one of the higher-ranked members of Robotnik's empire, outranking Snively.


Robotnik's Lackey

In his earliest appearances, Crabmeat often served as Robotnik's lackey with numerous roles ranging from morale officer to guard and enforcer. Once, Robotnik sent a squadron of Crabmeat units to lure Sonic the Hedgehog into an ambush, and caused Sonic to have a nightmare in which Robotnik was an orphan living with Sonic and Uncle Chuck. (OSM: #3)

Crabmeat later become entangled in the experimental Krudzu and was was recycled, along with the SWATbot that created the Krudzu. Later, he was used as a test dummy for Coconuts. (StH: #1, #2)

Afterwards, Crabmeat was used mostly as a security worker with jobs that included a failed attempt at getting rid of some flying ants, ushering some SWATbots into the Slag Shop for using a big crate to capture a small salamander, and being caught reading comic books,although Robotnik used Crabmeat's comic books as an inspiration for some robot superheroes known as the Comic Book Bots whom of which were destroyed with Robotnik having to use Crabmeat as a horse to gallop away. (StH: #3, #4, #8)

Later jobs included asking why Robotnik is playing with Freedom Fighters dolls and getting gift wrapped by Bunnie Rabbot and Princess Sally, searching for a mole in the organization and bringing back a real mole, searching for King Gong on Skoal Island and nearly getting eaten alive, and rounding up some time-stopped soldiers while getting time-stopped himself. (StH: #15, #16, #17, SSS: #5)

Crabmeat's abuse kept increasing as Robotnik's attempts to defeat Sonic repeatedly failed. He was used as a test dummy in a crushing trap during Sonic's race with Metal Sonic. (StH: #25)

Later, Crabmeat accidently set a gauge for a 6-pronged energy inducer, when Robotnik was using a 3-pronged inducer to draw energy from a Chaos Emerald. The resulting explosion split the emerald into two equal shards, one creating a new zone, the other nearly blowing up the Floating Island. (STT)

His last scene with Robotnik was when Crabmeat was enlarged and used to send Nack the Weasel flying out of Robotropolis, only to be destroyed when Robotnik tested Mecha Sonic's new abilities. Crabmeat and the other badniks were eventually sent to the Robo-Hobo Jungle, having been decommissioned from service for their lack of success. He was seen battling Sonic who destroyed him. (StH: #39, #40)

Ruler of Surviving Badniks

Crabmeat made no real appearances until much later, when Sonic learned of the Island of Misfit Badniks and decided to investigate. Crabmeat was among the many badniks who fought Sonic, and witnessed his fight with Pseudo Sonic. He was the first to notice that the two were evenly matched and suggested a "Bighorn Challenge" to settle the fight. The island sunk as a result, and the badniks faked their deaths to avoid suspicion. Their plan for revenge involving enlarging Pseudo Sonic didn't succeed, as Crabmeat was zapped by P.B. Jellyfish, while the other badniks were beaten by the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. All were eventually crushed into a cube when Big Fluke landed on top of the island and Pseudo Sonic. (StH: #170, #185)

Background information

  • Crabmeat is based on the badnik (known as Gani-gani in Japan) who appeared in "Sonic the Hedgehog" in the Green Hill Zone (both Genesis and Game Gear version), Spring Yard Zone (Genesis only) and Jungle Zone (Game Gear only). There are no noticeable design differences between comic and game counterparts.
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