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Councilor was an office or position on the High Councils of Echidnaopolis and Albion and the Council of Acorn. Under the direction of the High Councillor, Councilors discussed the affairs of their city and voted on important issues. As a result of the destruction of Albion and the Dingo Regime takeover of Echidnaopolis, the High Councils were both dissolved, presumably putting an end to the title of Councilor.


Known Councilors


Council of Acorn



Unlike the members of the Council of Acorn, members of the Echidna High Councils of Albion and Echidnaopolis did not share a uniform, but wore various attire as they saw fit.

The unnamed "Madam Councilor" from Helmut Von Stryker's meeting with the Echidnaopolis High Council was initially depicted with red fur, but later recolored to magenta for the Knuckles Archives. Her attire consisted of a green dress with white collar, belt, and trip on the skirt, a white wristband, and a decorative white jewel.

Background Information

  • Many of the Echidna Councilors featured in the series were one-shot characters, and only a handful were even named. The most prominent exception to the single-appearance rule was Yanar, who previously served as assistant Mitre over the Lost Tribe of Echidnas.
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