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The original Council of Acorn deciding what action should be taken to regain Freedom HQ.
Council of Acorn
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The Council of Acorn was the democratic body representing the citizens of the Republic of Acorn. The Council was created in 3237 following the destruction of Knothole and the relocation of the Kingdom's citizens to New Mobotropolis. The idea was put forth by Amadeus and Rosemary Prower who had learned of numerous political systems during their time with the Bem. After discussing its creation with King Elias, the Council of Acorn was created. Later, the Council was taken over by Ixis Naugus, who was secretly plotting to overthrow them.


Revolution and Creation

Not long after the destruction of Knothole and the relocation to New Mobotropolis, the Kingdom was faced with internal problems: Amadeus Prower staged a rebellion intent on removing the Acorns from power due to their past failures, a conflict that split the inhabitants of the city down the middle and pitted Acorn-loyal Sonic against Tails, his best friend and Amadeus' son. With neither King Elias nor Amadeus willing to budge on their stance regarding the kingdom, the two engaged each other in a fierce duel. Their battle ended abruptly, however, when NICOLE intervened, bringing Sally Acorn in to mediate. (StH: #178, #179)

After a stern lecture from the princess, the two men agreed to compromise rather than demand one extreme over another, resulting in the creation of the Acorn Council: six elected citizens, with the king presiding as a seventh, and the Council itself was the ruling body over the newly-formed Republic of Acorn. While this reform was praised by the people, it was silently criticized by the former king, Maximillian, who had initially demanded severe punishment for Amadeus and all co-conspirators after the original riot. Despite this, the elections were organized, with Rosemary Prower-Amadeus' wife and Tails' mother-putting her name up for nomination, obviously eager to bring about the reforms she feels are necessary. She won the post, together with three of the Substitute Freedom Fighters, Uncle Chuck, and Rotor the Walrus. (StH: #179, #180)


When Dimitri visited New Mobotropolis to warn them of the returning Enerjak, the Council found themselves deliberating how to proceed with the new threat. After Dimitri reported all that he could about the situation, the Council made a number of decisions. First, they determined that neither the Knothole Freedom Fighters nor the Chaotix would be sent against Enerjak or to Angel Island until more could be learned about the danger of the situation. The Chaotix, objecting to this decision and to the fact that the Council refused to hear their say, tried to force their way through by fighting through guards at the King Frederick Airfield. Sonic appeared to stop them, and Sally managed to convince them to remain in New Mobotropolis by offering them a compromise from the Council: if they stayed, Sonic and Tails would be sent to find the missing Knuckles. Dimitri, disgusted at the slow decision making by the Acorn Council, fled to warn Dr. Eggman as well. (StH: #180, #181)

Following the successful invasion of Mobius Prime by the Suppression Squad and the subsequent loss of Freedom HQ by the Knothole Freedom Fighters, a vote was held whether or not to retake the base or to continue pressing attacks against the Eggman Empire. Believing the issue of the Suppression Squad could be dealt with later, the majority voted against retaking Freedom HQ for the time being. (StH: #190, #191)

While Sonic took Scourge to the No Zone to chat with Zonic, Sally was accused of treason and was brought before the Council for a hearing. During the hearing, Hamlin prosecuted her of taking command during the invasion of Moebius without a decision from the Council first. Although Hamlin was nearly thorough in prosecuting her, Sally convinced the Council to drop all the charges against her in a 6-1 vote, Hamlin objecting. He then walked away, saying that he ran for the Council because he never had a say when he was with the Substitute Freedom Fighters, and that the Council would give him a sort of "leadership" role. Later, the Council would be gathered to address the threat of the Iron Dominion, which had taken over the Eggman Empire. Any plans they might have been making were thwarted when the Iron Dominion seized control of the city through the Iron Queen's use of Magitek, during which time the Council was imprisoned in Castle Acorn. However, while Sir Charles was relocated to the city's prison and Rotor was nearly subjected to Legionization, the council was freed upon the Iron Dominion's defeat. (StH: #197, #201, #202, #208, #210, #211)

The Council continued to go through growing pains as it worked on a new constitution for the republic while dealing with the aftermath of the Iron Dominion occupation, particularly the people's fear of NICOLE, who had been corrupted by the Iron Dominion briefly. It would not be long before another crisis came about, as Sonic reported to them on the treachery of Geoffrey St. John. It would not be long before the results of Geoffrey's actions would affect the Council directly, as the evil wizard Ixis Naugus appeared before them and laid claim to the throne. The group witnessed a confrontation between Naugus and Sonic, and later Naugus and Elias, all the while contending with one another as to whether or not they should intervene. Unbeknownst to them, Naugus subsequently used his magic to influence their emotions, seeking to turn them in his favor. Much to Sonic's dismay, he succeeded, and the Council began to consider allowing Naugus to take the throne. Following a devastating attack on the city by the new Death Egg Mark 2, in which Naugus used his magic to combat forces threatening the people, he was accepted as king and became a member of the council as Elias stepped down. (StH: #214, #215, #220, #223, #224, #231, #232)

Changes in Membership

One of Naugus' first actions as a member of the council was to propose exiling NICOLE from New Mobotropolis as a dangerous threat. The entire council went along with his decision with the exception of Rotor, who resigned as a member over the matter. He would soon appear before them, accompanied by Sonic, with the proposal to create two new teams of heroes. Team Freedom, under Rotor's leadership, would remain in the city to defend it from outside threats, while Sonic's Team Fighters would pursue the Death Egg and attempt to put an end to Eggman's threat. Despite Naugus' objections, the rest of the council voted to pass the motion, and the two teams were formed. The changes to the council brought additional tension as Naugus found himself at odds with the other members, particularly Rosemary Prower. Leeta and Lyco of the Wolf Pack arrived in the city and sought an audience with the council, only to be informed that they hadn't been summoned. However, Sir Charles then led the two to a meeting with Harvey Who, who invited them to join the Secret Freedom Fighters in restoring Elias to the throne. Meanwhile, Naugus had his own plans for the council, involving an Ixian Ritual Chamber located beneath Royal Military Headquarters, which served as base for the council following the destruction of Castle Acorn by the Battle Bird Armada. The chamber's purpose was to enable Naugus to perform a spell that would enslave the wills of the other members of the Council, allowing him to take control. (StH: #235, #236; SU: #41, #42, #43)

Isabella being inducted into the Council of Acorn.

The council assembled at Military HQ to ratify the new constitution, only to find the door locked and the lock broken. Unbeknownst to them, the difficulties were caused by Larry Lynx of the Secret Freedom Fighters, who used his "jinx" to upset the situation as his teammates engaged Ixis Naugus in a battle below the city. Getting inside, the council then discovered that the constitution document itself was missing, and recovered it only for the lights to go out. Apparently none the worse for wear, the council moved through with the process after Naugus made a false report of saving the city from a cave-in. Shortly thereafter, the council was joined by its newest member, Isabella Mongoose, whose first act as a councilor was a motion to overturn NICOLE's exile and allow her to return to the city. Naugus objected, but the council decided to discuss the issue after Isabella pointed out that NICOLE's services could have been extremely helpful in dealing with the recent attacks. Eventually, the group agreed to overturn the exile, on the condition that NICOLE would serve under "monitored conditions." The vote was unanimous thanks to Naugus, who acting through a possessed Geoffrey revealed to the council that their monarch was apparently dying, and requested NICOLE's help in healing him. Some members later attended the unveiling of the rebuilt Castle Acorn, only to be caught up in the effects of the second Genesis Wave. (SU: #44, StH: #241, #247)


The Council of Acorn is meant to consist of a group of six elected members presided over by the king, who holds a tie-breaking vote. It is responsible for all political decisions in the kingdom, particularly in emergency situations. The king is the only permanent member, one seat being reserved for the current ruler from the House of Acorn so long as they are able to perform their duties. The other members are up for reelection every four years, though in the event of a vacancy—such as with Rotor's resignation—an emergency election can be held to restore the Council's membership to seven. (StH: #241, CSE)

Background Information

  • The Council of Acorn's membership, with the exception of its king, has thus far drawn from two different groups: former Freedom Fighters-Rotor Walrus and three members of the Substitute Freedom Fighters-and adult Great War survivors-Sir Charles Hedgehog, Rosemary Prower, and Isabella Mongoose.
  • The aforementioned membership was most likely the main reason for the Council's removal from continuity in the aftermath of the Archie/Penders case, as Penders created the Substitute Legion.