Jani-Ca Seen fiddling with her mothers core.

A Core is, in essence, concentrated life force. Removed from one's body, it appears as a glowing orb, with a primary color relating to an individual's main fur or skin color, or a particular article of clothing. Enerjak uses these Cores in turn to create Prelate warriors under his command; even if the Prelate is destroyed, the Core remains whole. (SU: #26)

Background Information

  • A core could be the Mobian equivaliant to the Human soul, although Eggman and Snively are shown to have had their cores removed despite not being Mobo-sapiens.
  • The cores could be a reference to the cores in the video-game Sonic Heroes which were a way of leveling up the characters.
    • The core could also be a reference to Tikal's spirit form seen during Sonic Adventure.
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