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Coral the Betta
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Coral the Betta is a female Mobian Betta and the priestess of the Eusebes Shrine.


Early Life[]

At some point in her life, Coral was chosen to be the priestess of the shrine, despite the fact that the Princess of Meropis had spent years studying the rituals of the shrine in hopes of earning the position. She also made the acquaintance of Razor the Shark, whom she developed a friendship with that prompted the wandering warrior to become the defender of the shrine. (StH: #261, #262)

Meeting Heroes[]

The Shattered World Crisis-or rather it's aftermath-found Coral continuing to perform her duties as a priestess. However, on one such occasion, she was greeted by a disembodied voice who informed her that she would soon cross paths with some of Mobius' greatest heroes. While on the search for the Gaia Temples, Amy Rose overheard Coral playing the Mystic Melody and called out in hopes of a response. Coral called back and sent Razor up to the surface once she realized that Amy, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Rotor Walrus were the heroes she was told about earlier. After they arrived, Coral introduced herself and her apprentice, Pearly the Manta, and explained her duties as priestess. As the three stayed the night, Coral bonded with Amy by talking about her lack of self-confidence about her role as priestess. The next day, Coral was brought to hysterics when she found that Aquarius had not yet reincarnated, and Sonic's attempts to calm her were misinterpreted by Razor as an attack. To make matters worse, Captain Striker and the Meropis City Guard then arrived and demanded an explanation for the presence of Sonic and his friends. (StH: #259, #260)

Captain Striker was angered to find that Aquarius had not emerged from her cocoon, and branded Coral a fraud. He then took her, Sonic, and Amy to Meropis so that they could be questioned by King Puff and Queen Angelica. Coral and Sonic tried to explain what happened, but their attempts were in vain as the king and queen refused to listen or believe them. Coral was stripped of her title as priestess and sent back to the Eusebes Temple to spend her last night there. She was then surprised as Sonic offered her, Razor, and Pearly a place aboard the Sky Patrol if they so desired. Although saddened, Coral began setting up the city's shield one last time, but she broke down due to high stress and is reduced to a sobbing wreck. With the shield down, the Dark Gaia monsters begin attacking Meropis and the temple. (StH: #261)

Sonic, Amy, Rotor, and Razor managed to thwart the initial wave, and Coral began blaming herself for the attack. However, her friends-particularly Razor-supported her, and she agreed to try raising the shield again while the others split up to defend the shrine and go to the aid of the City Guard. Sadly, her initial attempts proved fruitless, but help soon arrived in the form of Tikal, the same spirit who had addressed her before. Together with Pearly and the reawakened Aquarius, whose prolonged time in the cocoon had been a foreshadowing of a great evolution, she managed to restore the shield, driving out the remaining monsters. For her efforts, Coral's station as priestess was reinstated, and she subsequently taught Amy the Mystic Melody, and was surprised by the Hedgehog's aptitude. (StH: #262, #263)



Coral is a very responsible and caring individual, devoted to her duties as priestess and caretaker of Meropis' Chao Garden. She is a hopeful individual who strives to press forward even in the gravest circumstances, though at times she can be overwhelmed by the burdens placed upon her. This has led her to at times blame herself for circumstances beyond her control, though her close friend Razor has demonstrated the ability to help her see reason.


Coral is noted for her mystical talents, particularly the performance of the Mystic Melody in association with the rituals of the Eusebes Shrine.


Despite being a fish, Coral is a humanoid being with orange skin/scales and what appear to be long braids growing from her head. She wears a mint green dress and turban, the former belted by a purple sash and the latter incorporating horn-like ornaments. Her eyes are purple and her muzzle white, and unlike mammalian Mobians she lacks any visible nose. Unlike most Mobians, she wears no shoes or gloves, and her feet lack any toes. In similar fashion to her "hair," she appears to have fins growing from her forearms.

Background Information[]

  • Coral is the first humanoid Mobian sea creature to be featured in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics; previous sea Mobians-such as the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters-typically resembled their normal animal counterparts but possessed the ability to speak.
  • Coral is often identified in-text in the comics as a "Beta," which is a less formal form of her species name.
  • According to Aleah Baker on the Bumbleking Forums, Coral is about 16 years old.[1]