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Copy Robot, also known a bit more informally as Copybot and Megaman?, is a duplicate of Mega Man created by Dr. Wily, from the planet Earth in the year 20XX in an alternate reality. He matches Mega Man in almost every way, with the exception of having red eyes, as well as often sporting a purple scarf.


Picking A Fight[]

Copy Robot was first sent to Mobius Prime, which had recently been reset by the Genesis Wave, to capture more of Sonic's friends to be turned into Roboticized Masters. He first hunted down the three members of the Chaotix: Vector, Espio and Charmy, who where in search of the recently vanished Tails, Amy and Knuckles. Hiding in the dark alleys of the city streets waiting for each one of them to stray from each other, he successfully captured them. Leaving the three stunned inside spherical force-fields, Copy Robot informed his master, Dr. Wily, that he had successfully subdued three more subjects for Roboticization. Pleased with this development, Wily gave Copybot his next instruction: to head to the Green Hill Zone. (MM: #24, SU: #51)

Copy Robot Captures Silver

Copy Robot strikes

Later in the Green Hill Zone, Copy Robot waited out of site in order to jump Sonic the Hedgehog. As the blue hero sped by with Silver the Hedgehog flying beside him, Copy Robot made his move, beginning by shooting and subduing Silver, before he ran off, as Sonic gave chase. As Copy Robot is informed that Mega Man has arrived in the zone and is currently chasing Metal Sonic to his location, he continued to keep Sonic preoccupied, until Mega Man and Metal had finally arrived, at which point Copy Robot quickly evaded Sonic's line of site just as Mega Man had made the scene, causing Sonic to Spin Dash the Blue Bomber, mistaking him for the robot he'd just been chasing. With Mega Man in turn mistaking Sonic for the strange blue blur he'd just been chasing, the two began to brawl, as Copy Robot and Metal made their escape without being noticed. (SU: #51)

Copy Robot Defeated

Copy Robot defeated.

Sonic and Mega Man eventually discovered the ruse, and together with Proto Man, Rush, and the restored Tails entered the Skull Egg Zone to confront Eggman and Wily. Copybot quickly appeared to confront them, backed by the recreated Genesis Unit, and was quick to face Mega Man and Rush using a hoverboard. Taunting Mega Man over their matched base abilities, he was then caught off guard as Mega Man employed the Tails Wind weapon he'd obtained from Tails Man. Copybot was soundly defeated, though his inexplicable recreation after a previous defeat left both Mega Man and Proto Man feeling concerned. (SU: #52)


Copy Robot possesses a malicious personality, delighting in attacking others and causing pain. He is also firmly loyal to Dr. Wily, eager to carry out the doctor's plans even at the cost of his own amusement.


Copy Robot Battles Mega Man

Copy Robot proves to Mega Man their similar abilities.

As a copy of Mega Man, Copy Robot possesses many of his abilities, including his Mega Buster cannon. It is particularly effective in paralyzing living beings, similar to the effect that Mega Man's cannon has on Roboticized Masters.


Copy Robot, as his name implies, is an exact doppelganger of Mega Man, distinguished only by two features: red eyes and a purple scarf around his neck.

Background Information[]

  • When Copy Robot says to Mega Man that he's a perfect copy, to the point that he knows everything he's going to do,he make's a reference to a similar line spoken by Sonic to Metal Sonic in the Sonic the Hegdehog OVA. "Strange, isn't it?"
  • Curiously, Copy Robot is not seen as part of the Robot Master Army, whereas the other four Robot Master destroyed prior to the army's completion-Shadow Man and the members of the Genesis Unit-were all recreated for the battle with Sonic, Mega Man, and their allies. No explanation is given for this in-story.