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Control Collar

A Zone Cop control collar

A Control Collar, or Inhibitor Collar, is a metal ring which clamps around the target's neck and renders their powers inactive. They are usually used by the Zone Cops, and Zonic used one to subdue Scourge the Hedgehog before arresting him. (StH: #197)

Dr. Eggman also used a version of the Control Collar on Hunter to ensure he would obey his commands by inducing pain. (StH: #140)

Control Collars seemed to suppress only super powers but not natural strength, an example was that Sergeant Simian, could still use his super strength even with the collar on him, while someone like Scourge, whose power comes mostly from his superhuman speed and special abilities, was rendered defenseless.

They seem to be based on Shadow the Hedgehog's Inhibitor Rings, with the ability to completely nullify powers rather than limit or control them.

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