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The Comic Book Bots were a group of robots created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. They were created after Dr. Robotnik caught his robot aide, Crabmeat, collecting comic books. Inspired by the super-powered characters found within, he had these robots constructed. However, they proved ineffective in defeating Sonic the Hedgehog and were subsequently destroyed.



The first of the comic robots, Botman was called after Sonic fell for Robotnik's broadcast of his intentions to turn the Great Forest into a toxic waste dump. Summoned by a spotlight signal, he arrived and briefly appeared to be winning against Sonic. However, Sonic proved too fast for this robot, even gutting him so fast that Robotnik wasn't even aware that Botman had been defeated. (StH: #8)


Wolvurkel was a robot created by Dr. Robotnik as part of a series of robots based on comic book characters. However, when called in to replace Botman, it was revealed that a communications glitch had occurred, resulting in Wolvurkel instead of a Wolverine bot. He was also the only comic book robot not shown to be destroyed. (StH: #8)


Spawnmower was the third robot to be pitted against Sonic, and arguably the most formidable. He could have devastated the entire Great Forest if not stopped, but fortunately had the flaw of stopping periodically to strike a pose. Sonic was thus able to pull his spark plug wire, allowing him to push the Spawnmower off a nearby cliff. (StH: #8)


Proclaimed as a "Freedom Fighter Fighter", Magbot was quickly destroyed. (StH: #8)

Captain Marbot

Captain Marbot was proclaimed by Robotnik as having been revived from the "Golden Age of Heroes"-but despite that, he was easily defeated by Sonic. (StH: #8)

Mighty 'Bot

Robotnik's last model, and one that he expressed little confidence in, Mighty 'Bot was also easily defeated by Sonic. His only useful contribution, along with that of his two immediate predecessors, was to leak oil that caused Sonic to slip, preventing him from pursuing a fleeing Robotnik. (StH: #8)

Background Information

  • Comic Book Bots is an unofficial name based on the the fact that all of them are based on comic book characters and most of them have the word "Bot" as part of their name.
  • When Dr. Robotnik takes out his second super robot, it was going to be based on Wolverine from the X-Men but (because of a communication glitch) ended up with a robot based on Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Jaleel White was known for playing both Urkel and Sonic in SatAM, which Sonic paid further reference to in the issue by remarking that Wolvurkel "sounded familiar."
  • Most of the other homages are obvious:
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