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Coconut Crew are a group of Mobian koalas who originate from the Sol Zone, and are friends and subjects of Blaze the Cat. The Coconut Crew, as inhabitants of Blaze's world, have lived under constant threat of attack from the pirates who plague their world of islands and oceans. On one occasion, however, they found themselves menaced by an evil robot known as Metal Sonic from the world of Mobius Prime. Fortunately, their princess and her allies Marine the Raccoon and Shadow the Hedgehog joined forces to defeat the robot. Sadly, this Metal Sonic was later rebuilt as Captain Metal, who stole one of the Sol Emeralds responsible for sustaining the Sol Zone. As such, the Coconut Crew joined Blaze and Marine aboard the Ocean Tornado in a bid to recover the gemstone, and were unexpectedly joined by Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, and Cheese the Chao from Mobius Prime as well. In an ensuing battle between the Tornado and the pirates' Metal Marauder, the Coconut Crew abandoned ship prior to their vessel's destruction. Fortunately, Blaze and her closer allies eventually succeeded in regaining the Emerald and defeating Captain Metal. (SU: #1, #55, #58)



Background Information

  • Like Marine and the pirates under Captain Whisker, the Coconut Crew originated in the game Sonic Rush Adventure. With the exception of Tabby and Gardon, they have yet to be named in the comics; the rest of the members' names are all considered tier 2 canon due to the events of Sonic Rush Adventure taking place in the new reality.
  • Three other Koala characters-both female as opposed to the all male Coconut Crew-have also appeared in the comics: Barby Koala of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, Abby the Koala from Light Mobius, and Abby's counterpart found in Zone Jail.
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