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Cluck activating the Time-Immobilizing Ray

Cluck was one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's earliest Badniks. He was first seen on board Robotnik's flagship just as the his coup d' etat began. Following the successful takeover of Mobotropolis, Robotnik let certain robots he trusted handle controls such as Cluck, which caused resentment from Snively. (StH: #72, SSS: #5)

When Sonic went to deliver 200 chili dogs to Robotnik, Cluck answered the door not expecting Sonic the Hedgehog to actually deliver the chili dogs. He slammed the door in Sonic's face and attempted to drop a checher ball on him, but missed. Some time later, Cluck was used to activate the Time-Immobilizing Ray, which successfully froze all of the Mobians in the Great Forest. However, the ray's effects were later undone by Sonic. (OSM: #0, SSS: #5)

Cluck was seen on the shoulder of Dr. Robotnik in the nightmare produced by Sonic's victory medal. (StH: #51)

Background Information

  • Cluck's first appearance was in Sonic Miniseries #0 on the cast list for the villains on the first page. However, the canonicity of the events in this issue were largely undermined by later changes to the story. Cluck was also present on a flip-out poster in Sonic Miniseries #1 but did not appear elsewhere in that issue. He was also present on the cover of StH #1 but did not appear anywhere within the issue itself.
  • Oddly, Cluck was not present with the other badniks in their appearances throughout the main Sonic comics. He appeared briefly in StH #72 in a video recording of Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis.
  • Cluck also appeared in the first season of the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series in a pet-like role to Robotnik. However, he didn't appear in any subsequent episodes.
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