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Clove the Pronghorn
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #263

Biographical information



Co-Egg Boss



Physical description


  • Color: Dark Green, Black, White
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Grey Egg Army Coat
  • Black Catsuit
  • Yellow Cuffed White Gloves
  • High Heels with Cloven Toe
Political Alignment and Abilities

Clove the Pronghorn is the Egg Boss of the Northamer Egg Army, an office she has in common with her sister Cassia. Clove appears to be the older and taller of the two, and shows some concern for Cassia's well-being.


Early Life

At some point, when Cassia contracted a disease, Clove joined Eggman, thinking he may have a cure for the illness.

Egg Boss

Clove and Cassia were evidently in charge of an operation in Crystal Cave, where they had discovered a Chaos Emerald and were attempting to retrieve it. However, they returned to the cave after an absence to find the defenses ravaged and the Emerald gone. In response to Cassia's frustration and her expressed desire to have been present during the heist, Clove remarked that she preferred to see the robots damaged rather than her sister harmed. Cassia brushed it off, claiming that there was no cause for concern given her Cyberization, but Clove remained unconvinced. Investigating further, Clove noted that the mine's security system had been disabled and then inexplicably reactivated, and then learned who infiltrated the cavern: Sally Acorn, Tails, and Antoine D'Coolette of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. They reported this to Dr. Eggman, who informed the pair that they would be reassigned. (StH: #263)

Clove was later entrusted with the only one of the seven Chaos Emeralds that Eggman's forces had managed to find and retain possession of, leading Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette to infiltrate her territory. Upon learning of the incursion, Clove went to investigate and eventually caught Sally sneaking around. Confronting the princess, Clove explained her view of the situation, believing Sally would her hear out. She managed to talk her opponent into backing down, though she admitted being disappointed that Sally would so readily agree to her demands. Considering the situation resolved, Clove left to return to her post. Seeing her good side, Sally offered to help her, but she calmly declined, believing that not fighting was "help" enough. When she returned, she found Cassia injured after a scuffle with Bunnie, just before she collapsed, from an illness. Clove later confronted Eggman about this, and was devastated to learn he had lied about the cyberization's benefits to gain the sister's loyalty; even so, without the treatment, Cassia would die. Resigned, Clove went to the medical ward to see Cassia, who apologized for her recklessness and expressed her eagerness to be free of Eggman. Clove decided not to tell Cassia the truth, unwilling to hurt her further. (StH: #277, #278, #279)

Days later, Clove was contacted by Eggman--who, to her frustration, again showed no concern for Cassia during the transmission--for an important mission. Leaving Cassia in charge, she headed to the Death Egg to join her boss and fellow Egg Bosses. (SU: #83)

Eggman teamed her with fellow Egg Boss Thunderbolt, with the mission of shutting down Eggmanland's defenses. Despite being riled up about Thunderbolt insulting Cassia, Clove managed to complete her mission, and later joined her fellow Egg Bosses for the final confrontation against the Naugus Twins. Upon returning to her base, Clove was surprised to see a welcome-back party organized by Cassia. (SU: #84, #85, #86)


Compared to Cassia, Clove is cool, collected, and mature and approaches matters cautiously. She is constantly concerned about her sister's welfare despite her Cyberization, despite Cassia's insistence otherwise.


Clove's only known weapon is an energy scythe.


Clove Rough Color Model

A rough color model of Clove the Pronghorn.

Background Information

  • Evan Stanley released concept art for Clove and Cassia on her Tumblr page, which featured various design ideas for Clove. Unlike Cassia, who had a prototype color scheme that changed drastically, most of the changes to Clove's design over time involved hairstyle, head shape, and various incarnations of her hooves/boots. 1
  • Clove appeared with Cassia and several other Egg Bosses on a variant cover for StH #275.
  • According to Aleah Baker, Clove is about 19 years old. [1]
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