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The Clan Wars were a series of battles between the rivaling four Clans in the Dragon Kingdom which had been going on for years prior to 3237. They likely began as a result of each clan attempting to establish control over the region. When Jun Kun and Regina Ferrum received backing from Dr. Ivo Robotnik and forged the Iron Dominion, the various clans would sometimes put aside their differences and fight the increasing threat of the Iron Dominion. Following the murder of the Bride of Rich Nights and the Yagyu Clan becoming the Iron Queen's enforcers, the other three clans were deceived by rumours and the Yagyu's random attacks to believe that their rival clans were joining the Iron Dominion. The clan wars subsequently came to an abrupt end when the surviving three clan leaders, Conquering Storm, Endless Reach and Constant Vigil, swore allegiance to the Iron Dominion, making the Iron Queen the "Bride of Four Houses". (StH: #201, #207)

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