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Not to be confused with the city of Chun-Nan. For more information on Chun-Li outside Worlds Unite, see her page on the Street Fighter Wiki.

Chun-Li is a female Human martial artist and Interpol agent from the Street Fighter Zone, who fights alongside the likes of Ryu, Ken Masters, and Guile against such villains as M. Bison. She and her comrades later became involved in the interdimensional conflict between the villainous Sigma-1 and the various heroes assembled against him under the leadership of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man.


Biggest Fight Yet

Street Fighters

Chun-Li with Ryu, Guile, and Ken.

Chun-Li's first encounter with the heroes from alternate Zones occurred when Sticks the Badger arrived in her world via a Genesis Portal. Chun-Li confronted Sticks, who requested that the fighter take her to whoever was in charge. After a fairly bizarre interrogation session, in which she had to bring Sticks back on track from a number of tangents, Chun-Li was informed of the threat posed by Sigma and invited to join the actions. Grinning, Chun-Li asked Sticks to "Let [her] make a few calls", which led to her recruiting Ryu, Ken, and Guile. The four joined Sticks in traveling back to the Unified World through a Genesis Portal, where they engaged a handful of Mavericks who were about to finish off Sonic and Mega Man's force of allies. Chun-Li took it upon herself to finish off Burn Rooster before introducing herself and her allies to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Robot Masters, and Maverick Hunters. Inspired by their arrival, Sally Acorn laid out a plan for the heroes to follow Mavericks to various worlds they had invaded and recruit other allies to join the fight. (SB: #9; StH: #274; MM: #51)


Chun-Li is a serious-minded individual, as evidenced by her career in Interpol. However, she is also a martial artist who welcomes the challenge of battle, particularly against villainous forces.


Chun-Li is a powerful fighter with abilities surpassing those of average Humans, or at least those of Sonic's World. This was demonstrated by her ability to fight a highly advanced robot from Earth 21XX with her bare hands and triumph easily.

Background Information

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