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Chuck's Chili Dogs - New Mobo

The new Chuck's Chili Dogs in New Mobotropolis.

Chuck's Chili Dogs, or simply Uncle Chuck's, was originally a small restaurant run by Sonic the Hedgehog's Uncle Chuck. After the restaurant was repeatedly destroyed, it finally came to rest in the city of New Mobotropolis where it was significantly larger.



Chuck's Chili Dogs was first created after Charles Hedgehog felt his work as a scientist was finished, as a result of roboticizing his brother Jules. He first opened his restaurant in Mobotropolis a short time after the Great War. (StH: #78, #79)


Chucks Chili Dogs

Chuck's Chili Dogs.

After Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup, Charles ran a Chili dog stand outside the city until he was captured and roboticized. The Chili Dog stand was subsequently destroyed by SWATbots, possibly because Charles had moved it to that location to help feed refugees from Robotnik's tyranny. During this time, Sonic worked as a delivery boy for the restaurant, taking advantage of his speed to ensure prompt delivery. The last order received by this restaurant was for 200 chili dogs to be delivered to a factory in Robotropolis, which turned out to be a trap as the Badnik who met Sonic at the door attempted to drop a giant checkerboard-patterned ball on the hedgehog, which he was only able to avoid due to his speed and reflexes. (OSM: #0, CSE)


Chuck's Chili Dogs

Chuck's Chili Dogs in Knothole.

After the Mobians were deroboticized by the Bem and freed from Robotnik's tyranny, Charles reopened his restaurant in the Kingdom of Knothole. While it was destroyed during Dr. Eggman's blitz by the Egg Fleet, NICOLE recreated it within New Mobotropolis using the former nanite city. The restaurant is now significantly larger and has employed Chuck's brother Jules. (StH: #118, #175, #177, #178)



  • Kooky Cookies & Pie
  • Drano Cookies
  • Chili Dogs
  • Chocolate Chickens
  • Mint Milkshake
  • Demonic Peanuts
  • Drewdle Strudel
  • Yummy Lnr Pudding

Background Information

  • Chuck's Chili Dogs is essentially a homage to Sonic's love for chili dogs as featured in the three Sonic animated series created by DiC: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Underground. Interestingly, however, neither of the later two series - which featured Uncle Chuck - had him in any way involved with making chili dogs.