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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
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Christmas is a holiday celebrated on Earth in the Sonic X Zone, Earth 20XX, and possibly on Mobius Prime during the period that it was reset by the second Genesis Wave.

The most common tradition associated with Christmas is the idea that a fat, bearded man in a red suit named Santa Claus, who lives at a toy workshop in the North Pole, rides around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to children.

In the Sonic X zone, Sonic was initially disbelieving that a single man could perform such an impossible feat, questioning Chris Thorndyke's belief that he was a real person. Dr. Eggman used the concept of Santa in an attempt to capture Sonic: disguised as the figure, he threatened to withhold this years presents unless the citizens of Station Square brought Sonic to him. (SX: #15)

During the time the Prime Zone was altered by the second Genesis Wave, Dr. Eggman likened the captured Dr. Light to "Santa in a lab coat" (the Doctor's large white beard giving him a striking resemblance to the figure), implying that Christmas was celebrated on Mobius in this reality. (MM: #26)

Other traditions associated with Christmas include the erection and decoration of a Christmas tree. (SX: #15)

Background Information[]

  • Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters celebrated Christmas in StH#6, complete with a Sonic-centric retelling of the classic Christmas story "A Christmas Carol". This whole story is considered non-canon by this sites canon policy for two reasons:
    • The story occurs during the early days of the comic where some of the canonicity is questionable.
    • This particular story is a humorous parody of Charles Dickens' 19th Century novel, A Christmas Carol. It has no connections with the main continuity and is not meant to be taken seriously.
  • In the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline, the idea that a society on a distant-future Earth where everything that came before had been long-forgotten would celebrate such a holiday is highly unlikely. However, the presence of the Halloween-inspired holiday "Fight Night" makes this theory debatable. In addition, it's possible the concept of Christmas still existed within the community of Station Square, as the citizenship were descendants of the last few humans to survive the Xorda Attack on Earth.
  • Sonic and other characters are seen celebrating Christmas on StH#267's "Holiday Variant" cover. Whether this means the holiday is celebrated in the Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline is unknown.