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Chocola is a Chao and the brother of Cheese the Chao, companion to Cream the Rabbit.


Chocola was one of the many Chao who inhabited a Chao Garden adjacent to the home of Cream the Rabbit and her mother Vanilla in the Southern Baronies. Sadly, the magical energy produced by the Chao drew the attention of Snively Robotnik who attacked the estate. The timely arrival of Amy Rose prevented any harm from coming to the Chao, but the Rabbits' home was destroyed. Amy then hit upon the idea to relocate the Chao and the Rabbits to New Mobotropolis, where a new garden was established around the Lake of Rings. While Chocola's brother Cheese became Cream's constant companion and joined her in a number of adventures, Chocola chose to remain with the other Chao. (CSE, StH: #219)

Background Information

  • Chocola first appeared in the video game Sonic Heroes, and served as Cream's motivation for joining Team Rose. Other than being abducted by Metal Sonic to copy his "Chaos" data along with that of Froggy and being rescued by Team Rose, he played no role in the game.
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