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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Current Continuity

Chocola is a Chao and the brother of Cheese the Chao, companion to Cream the Rabbit.


Chocola was abducted alongside Froggy by Metal Sonic as part of his bid to gain the powers of Chaos and become Metal Overlord. This motivated Cream and Cheese to join Team Rose alongside Amy Rose and Big the Cat, and they eventually succeeded in rescuing Chocola and Froggy. Chocola later took up residence at Cream's home in the Kingdom of Acorn, and spent the Shattered World Crisis under the care of Gemerl and Vanilla. (SH, StH: #267)

Background Information[]

  • Chocola first appeared in the video game Sonic Heroes, and served as Cream's motivation for joining Team Rose. Other than being abducted by Metal Sonic to copy his "Chaos" data along with that of Froggy and being rescued by Team Rose, he played no role in the game.