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The Chili Dog is a food item consumed on Sonic's World and in various other realities. As the name suggests, it is a hotdog topped with the spicy substance known as chili.

It is perhaps best known as the favourite food of Sonic the Hedgehog. His affinity for the food is so much so that he often consumes them in his spare time, sometimes several at a time. Despite the vast consumption, it appears to have no effect on his physical health. Chili dogs are often served at celebrations surrounding the hedgehog, in his honour.

In the Pre-SGW Prime Zone, Charles Hedgehog ran a food business with chili dogs as its main item, named Chuck's Chili Dogs.

The Sonic of the Prime Zone is known to love chili dogs in both timelines, but several of his alternate doupplegangers from alternate realities are known to also love the food, including his counterparts from the Sonic Boom Zone and Another Time, Another Place.

Background Information

  • Sonic's love of chili dogs is something that has been a staple of Sonic's characterization in western territories, having been established in the first two animated cartoons and the comic books. The chili dog affinity wouldn't really be touched upon in the games until the release of Sonic Unleashed, where the item is explicitly stated to be his favourite food in the games manual, before being cemented in-game as of Sonic and the Black Knight, in which Sonic is seen actually consuming them. Chili dogs would continue to make appearances in most games from there on.
  • It is never made clear what exactly chili dogs are made from in-universe. In the real world, the sausage in a hotdog is of course made from pork, a meat product that comes from pigs. Considering all pigs in the Sonic universe are, like all animals, usually shown to be either sentient Mobians or Mobini, it is unknown where the meat in chili dogs comes from.
  • Although never stated during his appearance in Sonic Super Special #10, the Sonic of the Sonic Underground Zone is also known to be a chili dog fan, which is shown in the cartoon series of which he originated.
    • To a lesser extant, the Sonic of the Sonic X Zone was also shown eating a chili dog in the anime series, but isn't obsessed with them.
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