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Cheese the Chao
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Cheese the Chao



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Genderless (Though mostly referred to as male)


Red bow tie

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Cheese is a Chao who is the pet and constant companion of Cream the Rabbit.


Drawn into Action

Cheese originally lived with Cream and her mother Vanilla the Rabbit in relative peace, until they were all captured by the evil Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Upon being rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog, Cheese and Cram joined his efforts to rescue Vanilla. The family subsequently took up residence in the city of Mobotropolis, but this was not the end of Cream and Cheese's adventures. The two later joined Team Rose in order to rescue Cheese's missing brother Chocola, who had been abducted by Neo Metal Sonic. After clashing with Team Sonic and Team Chaotix, the trio would join forces with them and with Team Dark to battle the evil Metal Overlord. The two would also share a number of other adventures before being among the friends and allies of Sonic who were abducted by the Time Eater, only to be rescued by the present and past versions of the Hedgehog hero. (VG: SAd2, SH, SG ; StH: #257)

Little Freedom Fighter

Cheese, Cream, and their friend Amy Rose were later inexplicably transported to the Sol Zone, where they joined their old friend Blaze the Cat in her search for the last of the Sol Emeralds. They thus became acquainted with new friends in the form of Marine the Raccoon and the Coconut Crew, and new enemies in the form of the Sol Zone Pirates. The group of heroes found themselves engaged in a sea battle aboard the Ocean Tornado, facing Captain Metal and the crew of his Metal Marauder. Despite their brave efforts, their ship was lost, and the Coconut Crew evacuated on Marine's orders while Blaze was captured. Cheese, Marine, Amy, and Cream were briefly left adrift at sea, but saved the by arrival of some friendly Dolphins, whom Cheese was able to communicate with. They traveled then to Pirate Island, the lair of Metal and his crew, and made further new friends in the form of the Sprockets. Together they located and rescued Blaze, but were then forced to deal with a further pirate menace in the form of Captain Whisker and his crew. After a fierce battle between the Marauder-which Cheese and his friends had captured-Captain Whisker's Ship, and Metal's Kraken, Blaze was once again captured by Metal and taken to his Egg o' War. Cheese joined Cream and Amy in going to her rescue, and subsequently watched as Burning Blaze engaged their foe in a final battle. Upon vanquishing Metal, the grateful Blaze used the power of the seven gathered Sol Emeralds to return Cheese, his friends, and Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite to Mobius. (SU: #55, #56, #57, #58)

Cheese and his friends arrived back in their own dimension just in time to greet Princess Sally Acorn, who was being pursued by their old foe Metal Sonic. When the evil automaton's actions threatened Cream, Cheese bravely charged him, only to be batted aside with little effort on Metal Sonic's part after his ineffective assault. Despite this, he charged into battle alongside his old teammates and Sally, but they and the Royal Palace Guard proved no match for Sonic's evil doppelganger. Fortunately, the blue Hedgehog himself arrived in response to a distress call sent by Sally, and he and Tails soon defeated the evil robot. Cheese then joined his friends and the rest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters aboard the Sky Patrol, their new mobile base, where he was pleased to find Omochao and T-Pup. Unfortunately, the happy reunion was cut short, as the Sky Patrol was forced to take off to escape the planet beneath it breaking into a number of large fragments: the Shattered World Crisis had begun. The Freedom Fighters promptly deployed in Station Square to help those affected by the crisis, with Cheese remaining aboard ship with Cream, Sally, and Nicole. (StH: #256, #257))


Cheese is capable of flight, and in battle works in tandem with Cream.

Background Information

  • Cheese's brother, Chocola, was featured in the game Sonic Heroes as one of the objectives of Team Rose.
  • Cream and her friendship with Cheese are a pun on "cream cheese."
  • The only thing that distinguishes Cheese from other standard Chao is the small red bowtie worn on his neck.
  • In the Sonic X TV show, Cheese was referred to as a female, however the comic book counterpart of the character is a male.

Off Panel

Cheese appears in a number of the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe Off Panel strips. In SU #55, he appeared in Marine's "Pirate Fanfiction" as the roguish "Curdled Cheese" alongside "Mean Cream," "Briar Rose the Red" (Amy) and "Pyrokinetic Pirate Princess Blaze," all sailing with "Captain Marine."

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