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You may be looking for Cheese from Mobius or his counterpart from the Sonic X Zone.

Cheese is a Chao from the Another Time, Another Place reality and the constant companion of Cream the Rabbit. Along with Cream, he attended both Sonic the Hedgehog's surprise birthday party and the Olympic Games. The first occasion saw him accompany Cream into a portal created by the Time Eater. On the second, he was observing the hurdle race between Rouge, Amy, and Blaze with Cream and Marine when the three competitors disappeared. He accompanied the two young girls to alert Sonic of what was going on, only for Cream and Marine to be captured by Orbot and Cubot, though Cheese apparently escaped capture. Fortunately, Sonic managed to save all the captives, and Cheese was happily reunited with Cream and the others. (StH: #230, #242)

Background Information[]

  • This version of Cheese presumably met Sonic alongside Cream in events similar to those of the game Sonic Advance 2.


Like his Mobius and X Zone counterparts, Cheese is a Chao of standard coloration: light blue with yellow hands and feet, pink wings, and large blue eyes. Like other normal Chao he also has a pointed yellow head with a yellow orb floating above it, but he is distinguished by his red bow tie.