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Professor Cheddermund

Professor Cheddermund was an Overlander and one of the many that went along with Colin Kintobor on a trek through space in search of a new planet to call home. Upon returning to Mobius in 3236, Cheddermund was to provided Dr. Eggman (who Colin believed to be his brother) and Snively with all of the information they obtained during their trek through space. However, Cheddermund was sedated by Snively and held captive for some time. He was then used as the first test subject to prove that Dr. Eggman could roboticize with a mere touch. Upon contact, Cheddermund was roboticized, but became an immobile statue. He was later destroyed along with the other four roboticized Overlanders when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square. (StH: #97, #100, #110)

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