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Charlemagne battles King Max

The Overlord Charlemagne was a male Overlander and the leader of the Overland during the time of the Great War. After years of on-going conflict between the Mobians and the Overlanders, the Kingdom of Acorn's current Warlord, Julian Kintobor, arranged for the Overlord to fight King Max in a duel to determine the winner of the war and bring it to a quicker end. It was also a secret scheme to remove one of his main enemies from power, allowing Julian's takeover to be much easier following the war's end. The Overlord and King Max battled in a sword duel, during which time one of Charlemagne's body guards attempted to assassinate King Max. The assassin was stopped by Amadeus Prower however and the sword duel continued, ultimately ending in the Overlord's defeat. King Max spared his life to his surprise, expecting him to honor the agreement. After withdrawing from Mobotropolis, Charlemagne fulfilled his end of the bargain, surrendering to the Mobian victors. (StH: #78)

After his defeat, Charlemagne disappeared and had not been heard from since. (SSSM: #3)

Background Information

  • Originally just referred to as the "Overlord", Charlemagne was finally given his name on the Archie Sonic blog of current head writer, Ian Flynn.[1]
  • His name may be based off of the Emperor of the Romans, Charlemagne.
  • In the Mobius timeline of the encyclopedia, they show the Overlord having an orange tuft of hair, being otherwise bald; while in StH #78, he head is full of brown hair. This is likely an unintentional error, resulting from the obscurity of Charlemagne as a character.
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