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Dr. Finitevus with his Chaos Siphon Suit, prior to his mutation

The Chaos Siphon Suit was a device created by Dr. Finitevus which was based off Dimitri and Edmund's original design of the Chaos Syphon. More compact and equipped with separate observation systems, the device nevertheless had issues of its own. The device was used only once by the Albion scientist when the Albion High Council voted to drain the immense powers from Chaos Knuckles to prevent him from becoming a serious threat to Mobius. While the Chaos Siphon Suit managed to drain some of his power, it failed to return Knuckles the Echidna to his normal state. Instead, the interference of Charmy and Saffron Bee resulted in Chaos Knuckles' powers going even more out of control. Furthermore, the Chaos energies Finitevus absorbed mutated him into becoming an albino Echidna with the ability to control Chaos energy. Unfortunately, they also caused him to undergo a drastic personality change centered on purifying the "corrupt" Mobius. (StH: #94, #182, CSE)

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