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Chaos Shadow about to unleash a Chaos Blast.

Chaos Shadow is a transformation undergone by Shadow the Hedgehog when he removes the inhibitor rings around his wrists. By doing so, he taps fully into the Chaos Force and is at the peak of his power. This transformation is temporary due to over use of the excess energy leaving Shadow physically drained.

Shadow was first seen utilizing the Chaos form against Knuckles the Echidna when he was turned into Enerjak. After realizing how powerful his opponent was, Shadow removed his rings and attacked Enerjak at full force. While holding his own for awhile, Shadow was inevitably defeated and left helpless against the demigod until Dr. Eggman intervened. (StH: 182)

Shadow had made the transformation again against the Doom Laser the evening he, Sonic the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat infiltrated Eggman's tower to stop it. After their previous attempts failed, Shadow mustered the power of his Chaos form and diverted the beam of the cannon with Chaos Control. The physical strain nearly caused him to fall off the weapon but Sonic caught him just in time, not wanting a repeat of their battle against the Biolizard. (SU: 2)

Following the alterations to reality caused by the improperly reversed Super Genesis Wave, Shadow underwent this transformation again in battle against Black Death. After a brief confrontation, Shadow succeeded in destroying his adversary using his Chaos Blast attack. (SU: 62)

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