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For other version of this transformation, see Chaos Knuckles or Chaos Knuckles (Dark Mobius).

Chaos Knuckles was a Super transformation achieved by Knuckles that he used to defeat Dr. Eggman. Unfortunately, Knuckles became corrupted by the sheer power he possessed in this form, and set out to rewrite Light Mobius as he saw fit. In the unaltered timeline, he succeeded in restoring his girlfriend Julie-Su to a fully organic state before being confronted by the future King Sonic. Using an alien device known as the Nullifier, Sonic was able to return Knuckles to normal-though at the cost of the Echidna's right eye. (StH: #140)

Background Information

  • Writer Ian Flynn has stated his opinion that in the altered timeline of Light Mobius, Chaos Knuckles played much the same role, but was instead stopped by King Shadow.
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