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The Chaos Force is the embodiment of all Chaos energy, the mystical power wielded by many inhabitants of Mobius. It can be accessed through two known methods: by a natural link to the Chaos Force itself or by drawing upon a magical object that has such a link, such as a Chaos Emerald. Drawing power from the emeralds or power rings offer purified, focused energy. Tapping directly (and fully) into the Chaos Force itself summons raw power that's harder to control, and in Shadow the Hedgehog's case will result in the weakening of the body.

It maybe possible for the strength of ones connection to the Chaos Force to depend on the users location. Whilst in the special zone, Shadow had stated that he could feel an abundance of Chaos Energy in the zone, although because of Fiest he could not tap into it to perform Chaos Control (SU: #4)

Certain individuals, such as Guardians, use Tikal's Prayer to help amplify their connection to the Chaos Force. (StH:#184)


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Background Information

  • Writer Ian Flynn revealed on his forum that with the reboot, the Chaos Force has been dropped as a concept and is no longer used in the comics.
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