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Chaos Control

Shadow about to perform Chaos Control.

Chaos Control is an ability enfused with the power of the Chaos Force usually used for teleportation/time-freezing. Chaos Control can be molded into different powers and abilities, like energy spears, energy explosions, energy blasts, levitation and can even be used to freeze people in time. The power of Chaos Control can be increased depending on the number of Chaos Emeralds, although Shadow the Hedgehog can perform Chaos Control without them. With one Chaos Emerald, at least three people can teleport between zones. (StH: #98, #159, #166, #167, #169, #170, #182 SU: #1, #4, #3, #5)

Known Users[]

Chaos Control

Super Sonic and Super Mega Man use Chaos Control to restore their realities back to normal.


Charged shadow

Shadow about to unleash a Chaos Blast.

  • Chaos Arrow
  • Chaos Blast: The Chaos Blast is an incredibly powerful attack that shoots beams of destructive Chaos energy in various directions once unleashed. Shadow has only been seen using it after removing his Inhibitor Rings. The attack is powerful enough to completely disintegrate its targets, such as Black Death.
  • Chaos Spear: Shadow has used this ability numerous times in his missions, utilized as a Chaos-infused spear that can strike its victims (like a lightning bolt) or go straight through them.
  • Chronos Control: An alternate ability used for time travel similar to Chaos Control. The only individuals known to use this power so far are Silver the Hedgehog and Mammoth Mogul (PXE). This particular ability seems to be done by the use of one Time Stone.
  • Telekinesis: Chaos Control can be used like telekinesis and can levitate objects or people into the air by trapping them inside orbs of Chaos energy. This has been used by the first and second Enerjak, and Lara-Su also uses a similar power to rein in Sonia and Manik while babysitting them.
  • Thunder Arrow: Knuckles, when he became the new Enerjak, used an ability similar to Chaos Spear called "Thunder Arrow", which he used effectively against Shadow, which defeated him. However, when he tried to use it against Super Sonic, it had no effect due to the fact that he was invincible. It acts as a sort of Chaos-powered lighting bolt that electrocutes its victims. Following his return to normal, Knuckles was shown to be capable of utilizing the move, as he did in battle against Dr. Finitevus. Edmund, a possible future descendant of Knuckles, used it against Prelate-V. (SU: #12, #25)
  • Time Freezing: A powerful enough use of Chaos Control can trap a person inside fire-like Chaos energy that can last for a number of years, leaving the person imprisoned. So far, it has only been seen and used once by Lara-Su on King Shadow in an alternate future timeline.

Background Information[]


Silver creates Chronos Control.

  • In the game universe, it was shown that Silver the Hedgehog could also use Chaos Control in his game debut in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, but needed a Chaos Emerald like all others in the games. Whether or not he has this ability in the Archieverse is yet to be confirmed, though he uses a similar ability called "Chronos Control".
  • Also, in Sonic Universe: #5, there appears to be a similarity between Silver's psychokinesis and Lara-Su's Chaos Control levitation, as both abilities appeared quite similar when put to use in the respect that they were the same color and engulfed whatever it was used on in an orb of green energy.
  • Chaos Control is shown not to work on a Sol Emerald, however the ability has been shown to work with the Master Emerald. (SU: #21, SU: #68)