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Evolved and unevolved Chao forms.

Chao (pronounced "chow") are mystical lifeforms that dwell in magical locations known as Chao Gardens. They are found in various locations around Mobius, and tend to keep to themselves.

History (Pre-Super Genesis Wave)

Early Interactions with Echidnas

The first recorded Chao were found on Soumerca inside the Mystic Ruins of the Mysterious Cat Country. While the Echidna colony of the Knuckles Tribe from Albion were embroiled in a war with the native Felidae, Chief Pachacamac's daughter, Tikal, befriended the Chao and their mutated brethren-turned guardian, Chaos. When Pachacamac and his warriors tried to seize the Super Emeralds the Chao guarded in order to win the war, many of the Chao were hurt in the attack. This enraged Chaos, who turned his wrath on the Knuckles Tribe and wiped them out until the Chao worked together with Tikal and used their powers to seal Chaos and themselves inside the Black Emerald. (StH: #82)

The Chaos Incident

Centuries later, the mad scientist Dr. Eggman released Chaos with intentions of using it to secure his conquest of Mobius as Perfect Chaos. Ultimately, Chaos was too powerful, and couldn't be kept under Eggman's control and destroyed his Egg Carrier. Sonic the Hedgehog was then forced to transform into Super Sonic to stop Perfect Chaos by using his positive aura to nullify Chaos' rage and save the Hidden City of the Ancients. Afterwards, the Chao reverted back to their normal states from their emerald forms and returned to the Black Emerald along with Tikal and Chaos to spend the rest of their existence there. (StH: #83, #84)



Sonic, Knuckles and Tails looking at a group of unevolved Chao.

Sometime in 3237, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles discovered a Chao garden full of Chao at the former Power Ring Grotto and each befriended one that began to mimic their abilities. Eventually, Dr. Eggman detected the energy coming from the garden and went to investigate. At first suspecting it to be a repository for Power Rings or Chaos Emeralds, he found the garden with Sonic and his friends already there and decided to destroy them all to make up for the disappointing results. Once the battle was over, a Chao followed them back to Knothole and became attached to Jules and took on features similar to his. Following Knothole's destruction, Chao have been seen living in New Mobotropolis. Many of the Chao from Knothole were found relocated in the Chao garden on Cream and Vanilla the Rabbits' estate in the Southern Baronies, but after it was ruined in an attack by Snively Robotnik they reunited with their other brethren in the city. (StH: #173, #174, #199, #217)


Chao stats

Chao evolving their certain stats

Chao are mysterious but lovable creatures that live almost exclusively in Chao Gardens. Spawned by Chaos, Chao hatch from eggs, and usually spend their existence eating, sleeping, and playing. They go into a cocoon before entering adolescence and then again at the end of adulthood, emerging as an egg once more. This egg will then hatch into a new Chao with all the characteristics of the old (StH: #171, CSE)

Chao tend to take on the characteristics of beings whom they spend time around. For example, a trio of Chao-dubbed Chronic, Chails, and Chuckles-gained super speed, enhanced flight, and super strength after spending time with Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna. Another Chao became friendly with Jules Hedgehog, and took on Robian qualities. Chao can also become attached to individuals, as evidenced by the friendship between Cream the Rabbit and her Chao, Cheese. (StH: #173, CSE)

Background Information

  • The backup stories in #173 and #174 introduced elements from the Sonic Adventure series Chao Gardens, a popular extra within the games, in which you raise your own Chao.
  • Jules's Chao is based off of Omochao, a robot made for Sonic Adventure 2 to instruct new players the game's basic functions.
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, there are Chaos Drives in each stage, each meaning:
    • Green: Run
    • Red: Power
    • Purple: Fly
    • Yellow: Swim